Autumn Glory | A Poem About Fall & Apple Pressing

Our church community gathers for an annual apple pressing and this year I missed it! apple-pressing-poemI was bummed to have missed out, but my kids had colds and they needed to rest at home. Knowing that the apple press was coming, I felt inspired to write a poem to share with everyone.

For anyone wondering what an apple press is…it is when there is a bountiful harvest of apples and you use a machine to squeeze the juice out of them and then make apple cider! It is so much fun and delicious!

So if any of you are celebrating fall with an apple press, check out this poem I wrote about fall, God’s love for us, apple pressing and how it all correlates.

Autumn Glory

Autumn has arrived again

The glory of Your hand revealed 

In the changing of the colors

To the harvest in the fields

Brilliance rages across the earth

An explosion of fiery shades

A season to remind us

Of the life You gave to save

Time sets the course

According to Your hand

Crimson red marks and stains

A hint of Your story told to man

There is a death that leads to life

Your one and only Son

Who came to redeem a dying world

Who stained a cross and said its done

So when a crisp breeze brings 

The transformation of fall 

We remember the fall of man

And how your grace fell on all

Our Savior and our Refuge

Our Lover and our Friend

We give You our whole hearts 

You heal us and You mend 

You make beauty from ashes

You produce out of our pain

You make dead things anew

Your sacrifice, amazing gain

This season that is now upon us 

Continues to blessedly share

The truth of Your Salvation 

And how much You truly care

Fruit hangs loosely on the trees

It dangles and dances in our reach

To pull and pluck for our good pleasure

Yet Another gift You gave to teach

Evidence of Your great love

And that Your provision is always enough

That You are very near to us

Even when life seems rather tough

We gather what You have given us

Buckets of Your faithfulness

We prepare each apple by hand

And savor heartfelt gratefulness

We press each one right after another

The crank compresses with pure purpose

Ripe juice seeps out from all the crushed

A process that produces

More than enough to satisfy

Proof of how You take

Something that is broken 

And turn it into something great

You know the feeling all too well

You were pressed beneath the weight

The crank was turned by the hands of man

Yet in love You opened Heaven’s gate

You were crushed for our iniquity

Poured out so we could drink 

The cup of Your Salvation

Graciously given the gift of eternity 

We come together in the harvest 

Brought in by the Farmer’s right hand

A community of difference, plucked

From the tree of life that stands 

United by our Heavenly Father 

We hope to always be 

A way for others to taste the goodness

Of the Lord and His love for thee

We press in with words of purpose

To impress those who You have placed

Intentionality leading a moment 

Of raw, unfiltered grace


Sinking into our seats

The tension setting tighter

We say the words that are necessary

So that our brilliance can be brighter

We crank the wheel of conversation

Unrelenting and unveiled

We let the truth come to life 

So that God’s love can be revealed 

It is all for His sake 

That we pour ourselves out

A drink offering to quench the thirst

This is what love is all about

So open up your heart this season

Let truth flow from your lips

Season your speech with salt 

And Let love be the Rutter of your ship

The harvest is plentiful

Ripe for the reaping

Get ready for revival

As you follow God’s leading

Start right where you are

Fall into God’s hands

Press into His Word

And you can withstand

Every season of change 

Because to live is to die

Just don’t ever forget the weight of this truth 

You are, and always will be, the apple of His eye!

By Jennifer Smith

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