Are You Sensing What I’m Sensing About Marriage?

There are certain things that speak volumes to the human soul. There are certain smells, sounds, textures, colors and shapes, and tastes that enhance our experiences with this world we live in. And I think there are a handful of ones that everyone has most likely had an opportunity to encounter. Here is one example:

A Fire

The flickering of wood burning. The crackle and pop. The aroma of smoke filling the air. The light dancing against the dark background, drawing in our gaze. The warmth of its energy felt on our faces.

God has given us many things in this life that use our senses to experience. Our ability to use our senses helps us to gain understanding and knowledge and helps us to appreciate the thoughtfulness of God.

I’m wondering…

How many of us have taken the time to use our senses to experience the fullness of marriage?

I had a moment with my husband that made me consider this intently.

My cheek rested against the warmth of my husband’s chest, which rose and fell simultaneously with his breath. I could hear the soft whisper of life in his breath every time he exhaled. Life, here with me. His arm wrapped behind my head to hold me close and I could feel him run his fingers through my hair. His gesture incredibly generous, and a common occurrence, knowing that it helps me relax enough to fall asleep. I usually take advantage of him playing with my hair, but this time I was inspired to pay attention, to appreciate it as a moment my husband used his action to tell me how much he cherishes me.choose

There are moments like this that happen all the time, if we stop to acknowledge them and appreciate them in their fullness.

To feel, hear, smell, see and taste life and love.

Are we embracing these moments?

Are we valuing with our senses the detail God has given us to experience all that marriage has to offer?

To hold our spouse. To kiss. To be close. To see another life, alive, moving, dreaming…

Let us not grow numb to what has become so normal. There are extraordinary gifts given to us every day in the moments we get to celebrate in marriage, if we choose to. May we choose to.

I challenge us today to pay attention to the detail. The breath of life in our spouse, the sounds that breath makes in contrast to the louder noises that drown it out. The warmth of life in our spouse, the touch of skin that brushes against us and reminds us we are not alone. The sight of our spouse aging, reflecting the truth that time is but a blink and that we must use what we are given with utmost appreciation.

May we choose to pay attention to the ever so smallest details as we experience life in marriage with all of the senses we have and praise God for it all.

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