Annoyances In Marriage

Have you ever experienced a tormenting annoyance that gnawed at your patience?


For the last few nights my husband and I have been startled out of our sleep by the pitter-patter of a rat crawling on the other side of our wall.  It seems like 4 am is the best time for this little pest to make the most amount of noise possible.

To say that I am incredibly annoyed and disgusted by the presence of this rodent is an understatement!

The evidence of his presence has been building up for a couple months now; doppings left around the house in random places, stashes of food found in dark crevices, and chunks chewed through wood or carpet just to name a few.

As one finding led to another we realized there was a problem that needed fixing… and quick! After identifying what the issue was, necessary steps were taken, in which we are still in the midst of. Our goal is to catch the pest! All the while anxiety over the issue plagues my mind daily. I doubt I will find rest until this problem is solved.

So let me ask again:

Have you ever experienced a tormenting annoyance that gnawed at your patience?

Perhaps you have experienced the torment of a destructive creature in your home… or perhaps there is something gnawing at your relationship with your husband?

I felt that using this picture of a rat roaming the house, being destructive, is a great illustration of the sometimes annoying torment that couples experience in marriage.  Until the problem itself is identified, we wake up to frustrating feelings that lead to arguments.  Slowly by slowly patience is attacked and we are left with an eroding relationship.

Annoyances in marriage can be a catalyst for other major issues to ensue.

It is so important to identify the issues in marriage and then take the necessary steps to solve them.  I do not know what each of you struggle with in your marital relationship, but there are many resources out there to help you!

Also, don’t be discouraged if you make strides to solve the problems and they recur.  Despite how many traps we set out… the rat has yet to be caught.  It requires patience, endurance, and perseverance.  

What are some of the annoyances you have experienced in your marriage?

Are there any you have successfully overcome with your spouse?


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