Anchor of My Soul

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

– Hebrews 6:19

Liss_Tattoo-smFor so long, I had felt crippled by my fears. My broken past allowed Satan to have a stronghold on me and I let my guilt and shame manifest. I didn’t realize how it was affecting my marriage and my ministry until one day when I felt like I was drowning.

When we feel like the storms of life are raging and we can no longer hold on, God holds us firm and secure. We will never waver when we are anchored to the hope only God can provide.

When the worries of life become unbearable and we can’t bear our burdens any longer, we must cling to God’s word. By God’s amazing grace we can live free!¬†Hebrews 6:19 gave me such a visual reminder that God doesn’t let us drown. Just as a boat needs an anchor so that it doesn’t drift from it’s resting place, we have Christ, anchoring us to Himself.

God gives us hope when all hope is gone!

This truth gives me peace, knowing that not only was God there for me in my past struggles but He will always be there. I recently had the desire to get a visual reminder of my life verse tattooed on my forearm so that I can be reminded of God’s promises. This not only encourages me daily but I am able to tell people my story, share my testimony and most importantly tell them of the eternal hope that is only found in Jesus.

Jesus is my eternal hope, the anchor of my soul.

My husband and I recently wrote a song called “Anchor of My Soul” that has become our anthem to our King. We desire to live freely for God’s glory, no matter what storms come at us in this life, we will cling to our Savior. As the lyrics in the song say:

You are the eternal glory, and everlasting joy
The greatest love of all
We know when, the storm is raging
You are our hope
The anchor for our soul

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