Affirming Your Husband In His Role As A Father

Today I am featured at The Better Mom where I share a personal story of when I affirmed my husband in his role as a father. {Read it here!} I believe it is extremely important for wives to see the value in our husbands and affirm them. I believe it is vital for us to encourage them in their role as a dad.

Our words are powerful. Our words are meaningful. Our words can help our husband’s see the good they truly are.

My husband was just doing what he does, loving our children and playing with them. But he didn’t have the privilege of seeing what I saw. He didn’t get to savor the moment from my point of view. So I told him about it and how it made me feel. This is what it means to be an unveiled wife. To share about how things make us feel and to share life together.

When I told my husband what it means to me that he is a good father to our children, he lit up with

Sometimes it is the small things we share with our words that make some of the greatest impact. And I am confident that affirming our husbands in their role as a dad will spur them on to do greater things, to love deeper, to be a man of faithfulness and a father who seeks to do his best. If they know we are watching they will be held accountable and they will be blessed knowing that what they do matters.

Take time to affirm your husband today, whether it is in his role as a father or in his role at work or any other role he has in this life. God has given  our men great purpose and we must take advantage of the opportunities we get to encourage them to persevere and to press on. It is also in those intimate moments of vulnerability when sharing what things matter to you that you allow yourself to be more known. So I charge you to be unveiled!

What are some of the things you are incredibly thankful for when it comes to your husband?

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