A Prayer For The Pastor’s Wife

I felt called to begin a series about the Church, the bride of Christ, His people. Unveiled Wife is dedicated to discussing topics on marriage. The ultimate marriage there will ever be is the incredible uniting of Christ and His bride, the Church! So although this series is going to be a little bit different than the articles on UW, I am eager to see how God uses this series to bless you.

I have been attending my church, Crossroads, for quite some time. In fact, I began going to Crossroads in 6th grade! I was invited by a friend from school and I quickly fell in love with the family of Christ. I was baptized there in the summer of ‘97. After I got married, my husband and I traveled around for a few years. However, when we arrived back in Corona in 2009, God led us to attend Crossroads.

Chuck Booher and his wife Pam having been leading the congregation to a closer, more intimate love relationship with God. We have been incredibly blessed by their servant-leadership. More on that in another post!


To kick off this interesting series I want to draw some attention to the pastors’ wives at our church. After the recent devastation that hit Moore, Oklahoma, our pastors’ wives did not hesitate to respond. There motivation caught my attention on instagram as they posted photos of themselves on an airplane heading to the midwest, in the caption they tagged #lovedoesmoore. Their hearts motivation was to love. To be Christ’s hands and feet.

They didn’t have an agenda, they didn’t have time to fundraise, they just saw a need and trusted the God would provide. Why? Because God is love… and love does!

One of the wives was very transparent with what she was experiencing leading up to the morning the wives would depart for Oklahoma. She humbly wrote:

Three reasons why I don’t want to leave for Oklahoma this Monday…

1. 9 people just lost their lives

2. It’s only been 2 weeks and another tornado just hit

3. I have a husband and a 5 month old

Three reasons I know I need to go…

1. My husband says, “Just watch what God’s going to show you.”

2. God keeps opening the door and taking away my fear

3. My life is not my own

This was so encouraging to me, especially since I have been dealing with my own anxiety. Her faith boosted my faith. Her confidence in God reminded me that I need to trust in Him. We can experience extraordinary things when we let go of our fears and join God in His work.

After the wife posted this she received so many awesome comments, including one from Pastor Chuck reminding her that as she goes, her husband and son will get to bond! How wonderful is that! When we step out in faith and do what God asks us to do, we enable Him to move in other people’s lives, including our husband’s and our children’s lives.

The Pastors’ wives at church are amazing women who fear God and love others. There were some that were able to respond by going to Oklahoma and other’s who contributed by sending notecards with powerful verses and words of love written on them. God’s love infiltrated Oklahoma, reminding the people who were affected there that He has not abandoned them.

God continues to passionately pursue His people… and so often He uses people to reveal Himself. I desire to be a wife that is used by God to show other’s love. I don’t ever want fear to stop me!

Thank you to all the Pastors’ Wives at Church for being an example of noble wives and righteous women. You are all beautiful. Thank you for leading us as you do, your faithfulness, your constant character, and the way you serve God has dramatically impacted my marriage.

I would imagine being a Pastor’s wife has it’s challenges. I am sure the enemy targets Pastors’ wives in an attempt to bring down what God is building up. I wanted to take a minute and just encourage all the Pastors’ wives around the world…

A Prayer For The Pastor’s Wife

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the position you have given to Pastor’s all around the world. Thank you for trusting them with your Word. Thank you for their wives, who support them, love them, and serve them. I pray that you would strengthen their marriages everyday. I pray for the pastor’s wife right now. May your Holy Spirit empower her to continue sowing, to continue doing good. Bless her Lord. Equip her to do your will. I pray against any temptation that would come to tear her down or hold her in bondage. I pray against the schemes of the enemy and I pray against his attack on marriage. May you send people to encourage her today and every day. Remind her daily of her value and the love you have for her. Reveal to her the purpose for why she is where she is. Refine her and fill her with your wisdom. May your peace and joy abound in her heart in Jesus name AMEN!

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