A Modest Relationship

From the recent VMAs, to magazine covers, to reality tv shows, to big screen movies….the culture we’re in tends to view modesty as being a prude, no fun, uncool way to live.

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Dressing modestly shouldn’t be viewed as a negative, but a positive. Clothing can be very empowering. Your outfit can give you a boost of confidence you weren’t looking for. Your style can give you a sense of self-ownership and worth. Your threads can also effect those around you…specifically your husband—whether your future husband for those of you who are still searching or those of you who just got married or have been married for years!

If you choose to dress provocatively, chances are you will attract mens attention who are looking for only one thing. If you choose to dress modestly, you are intentionally protecting yourself and your relationship!

Modesty can also keep your relationship stable. The majority of respectful men will most likely not be into their ladies sharing their goodies for the public. I know in my relationship, my husband respects me for making the choice to cover my curves. Choosing modesty is a strength in our marriage, because jealousy is never an issue and trust is always at the forefront.

Your appearance does matter. It can shape first impressions and it can be used as a building block in your relationship. The next time you look into your closet, you could not only be choosing an outfit…but a future as well.

Need a little help building your wardrobe? That’s why I am here! Modest fashion is what I have recently started to enjoy sharing! You can visit my blog or visit Pinterest to see our our UW “Cute Clothes for Wives” Pinboard devoted to modest and trendy fashion.

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