A Christian Postpartum Course That Every Expecting Mom Needs | Review

I am 38 ½ weeks pregnant with our fourth child. We are so excited to meet this little one! With labor, delivery, and postpartum on the horizon, I went through my friend Angie’s Christian Postpartum Course. Angie was my doula for both Olive and Wyatt. We are hoping she can make it to this birth as well, however as she is also in her third trimester we are keeping those plans tentative.

Angie has personally walked me through two very different postpartum journeys. Her expertise and passion for helping mothers during this crucial season has been an incredible blessing to me.

As labor, delivery, and postpartum approach for me once again, I wanted to be proactive in preparing for this adventure. I just completed the Christian Postpartum Course that Angie created to help encourage even more mothers who she can’t see in person. But I am telling you she brings the same passion, excitement, and expertise through this 13 video course as she does in real life.

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I found myself taking notes and being reminded of the essential practical things I can prepare for ahead of time, as well as the relational and spiritual ways I can be preparing. My heart is so encouraged in considering what lies ahead. My confidence has definitely been boosted.

I wanted to share this resource with you, who may be pregnant, or anyone you know who may be pregnant. Here is a brief overview of this Christian Postpartum Course by Angie Tolpin, also known as Courageous Mom and author of Redeeming Childbirth…follow her for more encouragement about motherhood at CourageousMom.com

This course includes 13 videos teaching on postpartum expectations, preparing your heart and home for postpartum, creating a pre-birth kit, intimacy after birth, and so much more. Angie provides scripture cards to meditate on and audio prayers for different areas of life that are incredibly encouraging.

You will walk away with a list of essentials that will help you face the discomforts of postpartum, as well as a desire to draw closer to God, especially during labor, delivery, and postpartum.

I love that Angie and her husband Isaac have a conversation about intimacy after childbirth, giving great perspective to a husband and wife entering that season of life.

The other great thing about this course is the way it is set up. After every video there are questions and ways of engaging that make you consider the content Angie is teaching, which I think helps it stick. It also helps you evaluate your heart, where you are and where you should be. I participated in the course and watched all the videos on my phone, making it extremely convenient to complete.

You can complete this course at a slow pace, or do what I did and consume it all in one day! I couldn’t get enough!

I highly recommend this course for any woman experiencing pregnancy, whether it is her first child or 10th!

Check out this Christian Postpartum Course today!

If you sign up with my code: UNVEILEDWIFE15  You get 15% off!

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