9 Fun & Creative Date Ideas For Marriage

Date night should be a priority in a marriage. Whether you and your spouse get to go out for some fun or stay in for the night, we urge you to put it on the calendar as something to look forward to each week.

We didn’t understand the value of date night until our son was almost two. We didn’t make it a weekly priority until we had two kids and began to feel disconnected from each other. Now we look forward to our weekly date time together, and we protect that time so that we can intentionally pursue each other.

In this episode, we share 9 creative date ideas to help inspire you in having an incredible date time with your spouse!

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Aaron Smith: Hey. We’re Aaron and Jennifer Smith, with Marriage after God.

Jennifer Smith: Helping you cultivate an extraordinary marriage. Today we’re going to share with you nine fun and creative date night ideas.

Aaron Smith: Hey, thanks for joining us today. We’re going to be talking about our fun date ideas, but we’d love to invite you to share your fun date ideas in the comments below, so that we can glean from you.

Jennifer Smith: So Aaron, before we jump in to the actual nine date ideas, why don’t you share a little bit about why dating your spouse is important.

Aaron Smith: Well, date night’s important for a lot of reasons. Just like our relationship with the Lord where we need to get together with him, we need to open the word, we need to be spending time with him, we need to be chasing after him and getting into his word and dedicating time to do that, our marriages need the same thing. All of our relationships in life, but our closest relationship is each other, so date night becomes one of the elements that we use to maintain and cultivate our closeness, our oneness, our being in the same page.
We’ve talked about in past episodes using date nights for goal setting, but it can be used for a lot more than that. Just building our friendship, building our intimacy. Having time to communicate one on one without the kids, without other people around. It also becomes a time where we can actually spend time with other couples. We’re getting adult time I should say.

Jennifer Smith: Uninterrupted time.

Aaron Smith: Uninterrupted time, just where we’re focusing on our interpersonal relationship with each other. So date night, like I said earlier is just, it’s another element we can use as a discipline in our marriage to grow in intimacy, to grow closer together. So it’s vital. We used to not do it.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah. Well in the beginning when it was just you and I, it was really easy to just say, we’re on a date randomly, but really we’re going to Home Depot to get something for the house. It’s like, is that really a date idea or were we just together, doing stuff.

Aaron Smith: Yeah, winging it.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah, winging it. You’re right, after we had kids, we realized the importance of making date night a priority and taking that time aside to say, hey, I’m all yours right now. I think that’s kind of the message we want to share with everyone listening, is just that it’s so important to make this time a priority, whether you have kids or not, your relationship is so important and you need that time set aside because there’s so many other things in life that call for your attention. Things call for your attention. Things call for my attention.

Aaron Smith: Work, friends, church, children.

Jennifer Smith: So much.

Aaron Smith: Everything.

Jennifer Smith: It’s vital that we don’t just call on each other when we need help or there’s a problem to confront. We have to make that time a priority where we’re saying let’s just go hang out. Let’s just go get coffee. Let’s just go to dinner or talk about goal setting, like you said.

Aaron Smith: I like that. It’s like preemptive. Instead of like, oh I’m having a super emotional day and now I need you to take care that emotional need. It’s we know we have thing to look forward to and look back on, that preemptive strengthening of our intimate relationship. Because we’ve had a lot of people email us. We talk to a lot of couples that kind of just go, and you’re going. You’re taking care of the kids, doing your thing. I’m doing work, whatever, doing my thing. Dishes, laundry, car washes, friends and we’re just going.

Jennifer Smith: And even if there’s a cohesiveness and an understanding of that going, where you guys work really well together, which is an awesome aspect of marriage, it still can get in the way of romance and intimacy and being just there for one another, even when it’s working right.

Aaron Smith: Well, what we’ve seen is when people don’t put a focus on it, when we didn’t put a focus on this, even though it can go good for a while, because there’s no intentionality, there’s no set aside time, it eventually wears you down.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah.

Aaron Smith: Then you get these emotional outbursts or you have these arguments or fights because you, naturally need romance and time alone, that quality time, and I need affirmation and physical time. There’s, so that doesn’t happen for a while or we’re not paying attention, and all of a sudden we’re like why do I feel distant from you? Why don’t we feel on the same page? I think that’s a natural occurrence, when we’re not natural. It’s the same thing with our relationship with the Lord. We love God and we go to church and we listen to worship music and we have all these things, but we don’t intentionally get into the word of God. We don’t intentionally go into prayer, and all of a sudden we feel distant.

Jennifer Smith: Right.

Aaron Smith: And it just, we’ve been kind of going in the every day with our relationship with the Lord and we lose that, that intimacy.

Jennifer Smith: So if you’re not intentionally pursuing God or you’re not intentionally pursuing your spouse and making that time a priority, yeah, what does that say about the type of relationship you have?

Aaron Smith: Our encouragement for this episode is to encourage you to dedicate time each week. Now we also know that some couples can’t do this. They’re long distance and some are in the military. Some travel a lot.

Jennifer Smith: Sometimes the babysitter cancels or they don’t have family in town to help.

Aaron Smith: There’s an understanding and we get that, so maybe we’ll do an episode in the future giving ideas on what you can do there. This is just for the average couple that is going day to day and there’s the monotony of life, but that it can be broken up and that we should break it up. We actually, date night was a whimsical thing. Like once a month we were like oh let’s do …

Jennifer Smith: Whenever it happened.

Aaron Smith: Yeah, whenever it happens, it happens.

Jennifer Smith: When we thought about it.

Aaron Smith: But we had friends that started to like, oh no. Tuesday nights our date night. We’re like, oh that’s cool. They did it for a while, and we didn’t think anything of it because we’re like, yeah we date sometimes. We get out and watch a movie every once in a while or go to dinner, whatever, but we started getting jealous of their date nights. We’re like man, every Tuesday is their date night, and they’re like, no it’s date night. Because we’d call them up to do something.

Jennifer Smith: To come over. Yeah.

Aaron Smith: They’re like, no, it’s date night. We’re like, oh. So it really encouraged us. We’re like you know what? We don’t have a date night. Why don’t we have a date night?

Jennifer Smith: Yeah.

Aaron Smith: There’s too much time that goes between dates, so we made a date night. We actually made Tuesday nights our date night. It’s been amazing.

Jennifer Smith: It has been amazing.

Aaron Smith: Even though we haven’t been able to 100% of the time do it. Sometimes we don’t have a babysitter or something comes up.

Jennifer Smith: That consistency is still worth it because we’re both looking forward to it for different reasons.

Aaron Smith: The fact that it’s on the calendar, that we know Tuesday nights are set aside, for the most part, for date night. Our kids know, so they know, oh tonight’s Mommy and Daddy’s date night. They know that we …

Jennifer Smith: They’ll ask us where we’re going. They get excited about it.

Aaron Smith: Then they ask us how our night was, what we talked about, so it’s really good for them to see us setting aside time for each other and not just pretending like we’ll figure it out somebody, but we actually set it aside. So having it on the calendar, this would be our first tip to you guys, is put it on the calendar. Hey, every Monday night or every Friday night or every Thursday night, whatever night works. Maybe it’s every Saturday night. It’s set aside. Whether it happens or not, the fact that it’s on the calendar makes it happen more often than it would.

Jennifer Smith: It’s true.

Aaron Smith: If you randomly decided to do a date night here and there.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah. Also some benefits of date night is you have that eye contact, where either you’re sitting across from each other or next to each other and you know that you have their heart and they have yours, and I think that’s really good. Affirmation, physical affection, holding hands, hugging, sitting close to each other

Aaron Smith: Laughing. Having fun.

Jennifer Smith: Laughing. Having fun together, which some of these date night ideas that we’re going to give you today is …

Aaron Smith: Are pretty fun.

Jennifer Smith: They’re fun. Conversation. Whether it’s goal setting or talking about a problem or affirming one another, conversation plays a big role in the benefit of having a date night.

Aaron Smith: Sometimes the silence. Us just sitting there and eating our food and enjoying each other’s company and knowing that it’s just us, that we don’t need to talk if we don’t want to. We don’t have to. That sometimes there’s big things that we’re talking on and sometimes it’s just like, let’s just dream or let’s just talk about funny things that have happened lately, or let’s just … Sometimes we just talk about our kids, things that we’re learning or things that we’re seeing in them and then things that we’re praying for them and what we believe they’re going to be one day. But those times of communication are just so valuable.

Jennifer Smith: Right.

Aaron Smith: Having those date nights, it cultivates an environment to allow for those, the communication, the eye contact, the affirmations, the just being reminded of our dedication and devotion and love for each other. That’s our encouragement to you guys, is that put date night on the calendar. Make it something regular as you can make it. Don’t just hope that it’s going to come because it probably won’t. Plan it.
Then I think we can go into some of these ideas. I think some of these are fun. Some of them are really simple and cheap. Some of them might cost a little bit of money but our goal is just to come up with some creative ideas that you could put on a list somewhere, on your chalkboard in your kitchen, wherever you have, maybe it’s your mirror in your bathroom, and you say, oh we have nine ideas. This is the next nine weeks’ worth of date nights we can try out.

Jennifer Smith: I’ve also heard some people put ideas in a jar, which could be really fun. You could write all these down, stick them in a jar and then randomly go through them. That could be …

Aaron Smith: What’s the first date idea?

Jennifer Smith: The first one is coffee and cards. If you or your spouse don’t like coffee, get a chai, a tea, a smoothie, something else that maybe that store offers.

Aaron Smith: Yeah. It’s an easy one, and it could be a cheap and free one, but everyone has a coffee shop near their house. It’s either a Starbucks or you have a local coffee shop. We actually have in town, we have a local book and coffee shop which is kind of cool. It’s a really nice atmosphere. But find a local coffee shop that you guys both like.

Jennifer Smith: Bring a deck of cards with you and just have some fun.

Aaron Smith: Yeah, and use the … Our suggestion would be play a card game that is slow.

Jennifer Smith: So you can actually talk over it.

Aaron Smith: So you can have a conversation because you like games like speed.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah.

Aaron Smith: What’s the …

Jennifer Smith: I like Nerds.

Aaron Smith: Nerds. You have to be really fast and you can’t even think about anything else.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah.

Aaron Smith: But a fun one is like Rummy. It takes time to, it’s a slow game.

Jennifer Smith: Go fish. War.

Aaron Smith: Yeah go fish. War.

Jennifer Smith: The only time we’d say war it out in your marriage.

Aaron Smith: Is with the game of war. But yeah, play a simple card game and use the time that you’re focusing on strategy and your card game to talk.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah.

Aaron Smith: Sip on a cup of coffee, something warm, and you’re in a quiet place, because usually coffee shops are pretty quiet. That, we just thought that’d be a fun one. We’ve done this actually a few times, going just to spend time having a cup of coffee and tea. You don’t like coffee.

Jennifer Smith: I like tea.

Aaron Smith: But I love coffee.

Jennifer Smith: I’m a chai person.

Aaron Smith: We just, we thought that’d be just a fun, cheap date idea, and that’s number one. The second date night idea is a picnic in the park.

Jennifer Smith: So this is a really fun one. I like this idea. You can either get take out, like Chinese, or you can make stuff ahead of time.

Aaron Smith: PB&Js.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah, totally. I mean anything works with this one, right? Pick a nice park or we have just like a riverfront that’s really nice to just go sit by. Growing up, my family always took us to the park and we’d stop by the store and get crackers, the little spray can of cheese and sardines. I don’t know if you guys know what sardines are, but it’s just a can of fish.

Aaron Smith: It’s gross.

Jennifer Smith: I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it, that combination, but I definitely liked the crackers and cheese, so you can even go like real, like nostalgic childhood snacks and go that route.

Aaron Smith: Yeah, bring some sparkling cider.

Jennifer Smith: Grab a blanket and just go sit with each other in the park.

Aaron Smith: And use the opportunity to … We would like to sit quietly in a park, listening to people play, kids playing.

Jennifer Smith: We actually like to people watch and just …

Aaron Smith: Yeah, we people watch.

Jennifer Smith: Experience the world around us.

Aaron Smith: We’re near a river, so we can watch the river, hear the water, hear the wind. Bask in the sun or have a conversation. Again, these date nights, a lot of them will help cultivate conversation, because there’s nothing else going on or distractions. Or you can just have fun with it and people watch like we do.

Jennifer Smith: Yup. Number three, we’re going to title it childlike fun. Aaron’s original idea was a trampoline park.

Aaron Smith: This idea came out of, there’s oftentimes we take our kids to go do something, and we can’t actually partake in what’s happening because we have to watch our young one and our middle one and the other one’s running around.

Jennifer Smith: Make sure no one’s getting hurt.

Aaron Smith: And our son’s like come jump with us, come jump with us, and I’m like, ah. I was thinking like this would be a fun date night idea, is actually go to the place that you would probably take your kids, like a trampoline park.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah. Or go old school and do roller skates, roller skating.

Aaron Smith: And just go have fun.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah.

Aaron Smith: Doing something that you probably wouldn’t be able to do with all of your kids around.

Jennifer Smith: Pretend you’re a kid.

Aaron Smith: Pretend you’re a kid.

Jennifer Smith: Right.

Aaron Smith: I actually do want to go to the trampoline park.

Jennifer Smith: But I’m pregnant.

Aaron Smith: Just go jump around.

Jennifer Smith: And I’m not going to do that.

Aaron Smith: Well, you could sit on the side. I’ll jump around.

Jennifer Smith: I could just watch.

Aaron Smith: You could cheer me on. That one sounded really fun, just to go pick something that you do with your kids, that you can’t partake in because they’re there.

Jennifer Smith: Another one was like batting cages or like castle park style places, a fair. Something like …

Aaron Smith: Yeah, miniature golf. Things that you probably would have done when you were younger or your kids love to do now.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah.

Aaron Smith: Even going to a local park and going on the swings. I actually enjoy going on the swings. It’s pretty relaxing. Number four is a really fun one.

Jennifer Smith: Aaron’s idea.

Aaron Smith: It’s called playing house. The idea is you just go drive around, looking for open houses, where you can go look at these new model homes. Oftentimes, they’ll have crackers or chips or even if they don’t have snacks, walking around these beautiful houses is really fun.

Jennifer Smith: It’s a great one for like a Saturday morning type date.

Aaron Smith: Yeah.

Jennifer Smith: Growing up my family actually used to take us. There was a whole development happening where we used to live, and they would have two to three model homes, and you could jump from one to the next.

Aaron Smith: And each one’s different.

Jennifer Smith: Each one’s different. They have snacks, but the funnest part, especially being a kid, was to imagine what that space would feel like if it was yours. Even our parents and us, we would all dream about, like, oh we can put the pool table here and my bed over here. You can do that in your marriage too.

Aaron Smith: I don’t know about you, but it’s a lot of fun, going and looking at other types of houses.

Jennifer Smith: Even if you can’t afford it, or if you’re not in the market of looking for a house, it could just be a fun way to get out of that rut of wherever you’re at, whatever you’re in and daydream together.

Aaron Smith: Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. It actually reminds me of a date that we used to do back in California where we go. There was this big home appliance store. It’s kind of like …

Jennifer Smith: I was just telling someone about this.

Aaron Smith: It’s kind of like Ikea where you know how Ikea will set up those rooms. Every area has a room that’s set up.

Jennifer Smith: They have like bathrooms and they had kitchens and they had outdoor space.

Aaron Smith: But each one was a different theme but …

Jennifer Smith: It was fancy. It was …

Aaron Smith: Super fancy.

Jennifer Smith: You walk in and you can get a free cappuccino fancy or rosewater.

Aaron Smith: Every room had free coffee or free drinks. In the front they gave free coffees. We would walk around and it was a lot of fun. We would just go through each kitchen. We’d be like, man this is a really nice stove.

Jennifer Smith: We’d open the drawers and just pretend like it was ours.

Aaron Smith: We could never afford anything in there.

Jennifer Smith: Nope.

Aaron Smith: But it was a lot of fun. Actually we didn’t do it very often, but we did it maybe once a month. It was in this area that we really liked and we would just go in, me and her and we’d walk around and pretend. It was a lot of fun.

Jennifer Smith: There’s also some areas where they do tour of homes, which, I don’t know exactly how you would try and find it. Maybe Google your area for it, but people open up their homes for like a Saturday and you can go follow these signs around to different people’s homes and you get an inside look at them. Most of them are for sale, but not all of them are. It just gives you and idea of what your neighborhood is like. It’s cool.

Aaron Smith: Go play house with your spouse and daydream. It’s a lot of fun. The next one here, number five, is for all the outdoorsy people. Even if you’re not outdoorsy, I actually challenge you to do this one because it can get your perspective different. It could give you fresh air. It’s called hike a new trail. This one is go find a place that you haven’t been to. Maybe there’s a river walk. Maybe there’s a trail that you know a lot of people run on or maybe you have to go a little out of town to go on, or it’s a new neighborhood.

Jennifer Smith: I was going to say, it doesn’t have to just be, when you think of trail you’re probably thinking dirty. It doesn’t have to be dirty. We were driving around neighborhoods while the kids napped in the car and there was this new development going on, so we turned down the road, and all the roads were there but there was no houses. It was just dirt plots, like they were getting ready to build. I don’t know if you noticed but there was a couple who’d parked on the side of the road and they were walking their dog around.

Aaron Smith: Yeah, they just parked and they were walking through the rocks and around.

Jennifer Smith: I know. The couple that just was enjoying that area. It was on asphalt but you could find things like that to do.

Aaron Smith: Go hike a new trail. Go for a long walk somewhere that you’ve never been before.

Jennifer Smith: Hold hands.

Aaron Smith: Yeah.

Jennifer Smith: Hug each other. Talk about important things.

Aaron Smith: Talk about the things you see. Yeah.

Jennifer Smith: The next one was also Aaron’s idea. It’s about volunteering. Volunteer to do something good.

Aaron Smith: We, when we were younger, there was an old folks home right down the street from our house. Us and our youth group ..

Jennifer Smith: We were dating.

Aaron Smith: We were dating, and our youth group would go serve. We’d go plant flowers or we’d go talk to the elderly people there.

Jennifer Smith: We painted the sign so it was freshly new.

Aaron Smith: Yeah, painted their sign. When I was thinking, what are some like do good dates that we can do, one of them was go volunteer somewhere. You might have a halfway house in your town. You might have a …

Jennifer Smith: A pregnancy resource center.

Aaron Smith: Yeah, a pregnancy resource center.

Jennifer Smith: Where you could sort clothes, baby clothes for their boutique.

Aaron Smith: Lots of places. There’s a place in town called Shepherd’s House. It’s a, it’s not a homeless shelter, but people can go get food throughout the day.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah so you could serve food to people.

Aaron Smith: Get taken care of. Find something you can do, and that might take a little bit more planning, because you might have to call around maybe and say, hey when could we come?

Jennifer Smith: Sometimes volunteering requires a background check or filling out paperwork.

Aaron Smith: Yeah.

Jennifer Smith: It might be, it might require a little bit more work, but it could be really beneficial for you and your spouse to go and do something good for the community.

Aaron Smith: It could also be a great example to our children.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah.

Aaron Smith: Saying hey we’re going to be going to serve today. We’re going to be helping out in this area. Maybe there’s some sort of community event going on that you could serve at, setting up the chairs. Just go do that with your spouse, so that you guys are actually doing some sort of giving back or some sort of ministry together as a date. You never know where that might lead, actually. It might turn into some sort of ministry outreach.

Jennifer Smith: Full time ministry.

Aaron Smith: Yeah, full time. You never know. But I thought that was a cool one that you guys might want to try.

Jennifer Smith: Okay. So number seven is called the bake n take. Essentially it is you go to the store, get all the ingredients for a pie, cookies, whatever it is that you want to make.

Aaron Smith: Probably something that it’d be easier to do bulk of.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to come home and make something with your spouse and spend that intimate time in the kitchen and you’re going to make enough for you guys to share some and then some to take and give to someone else, so whether they’re friends down the street, a neighbor, whoever you want to give a nice gift like this to. It also kind of falls in life with the do good thing. You’re just …

Aaron Smith: Blessing someone else.

Jennifer Smith: Blessing someone else.

Aaron Smith: Together.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah. Aaron actually had a good idea to add onto this, is if you do, let’s say you make three or four batches of cookies, you could drive around the neighborhood and talk and stuff while you’re driving, but also give the cookies with a note of gratitude, talking about how your friendship means a lot to you. That’s another idea that you could do.

Aaron Smith: Or what you could do, the whole love your neighbor aspect of things, you could go around and put like a little pack of cookies together, and a note, just telling your neighbors that you’re praying for them, that you care about them, giving them a little encouragement, maybe a scripture, and then what you can do is be praying, as you drop the cookies off, take a moment and pray for that couple, that family, that neighbor of yours and just hop around from a few neighbors. The time in prayer together could be a really special thing for you.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah.

Aaron Smith: And you’re loving your neighbors, being a good example to them, shining the light for the gospel.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah.

Aaron Smith: That was a … We’re doing a few under the do good date night ideas. That was a fun outreach style. We have two more dates. Number eight, Jennifer loves this one.

Jennifer Smith: One of my all time favorite is the progressive dinner. You say you’re going to go out somewhere and you hit the first spot for appetizer. You just pick one of your favorite spots.

Aaron Smith: Or just a drink. Maybe it’s like a coffee place.

Jennifer Smith: Or just a drink. Or a coffee. Yeah. Whatever you want, but that’s your, you can set it up however many courses you really, however many places you want to get to. Let’s say you do appetizers at one place, then you move to another place for your main course, and another place for dessert. So you’re kind of doing this hop around, getting different experiences type of thing.

Aaron Smith: Often what we’ll do is we’ll use that as an opportunity to go to places that we haven’t been before, or to order something at a place that we usually go to, that we wouldn’t usually order.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah.

Aaron Smith: If that makes sense.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah. You’re essentially trying new things with the same restaurants that have always been there.

Aaron Smith: So a fun way to expand on this one, instead of just doing an appetizer, a main course and a dessert, maybe have a progressive dessert night.

Jennifer Smith: Oh, that’s my kind of date.

Aaron Smith: Where you eat dinner at home with your family and you hop around to three, four, five places and you get small desserts to share.

Jennifer Smith: Five desserts?

Aaron Smith: If they’re small enough.

Jennifer Smith: I think this should be our next date night.

Aaron Smith: I just thought of this, but instead … Eat dinner at home with the family, and then do a little bit later date night and go and try like, get a single dessert to share and try that at a few places.

Jennifer Smith: I love this idea. We’re going to have to do this one next.

Aaron Smith: That one we should do. [inaudible 00:20:32].

Jennifer Smith: Awesome. Okay, moving on to the very last one, number nine, is called the ding, dong, ditch.

Aaron Smith: This is similar to the dropping off cookies at your neighbors or friend’s house. What it is, is you go and you get $5 gift cards to Starbucks or $5 gift cards to Target, maybe five of them. So you spend $25 bucks. Instead of buying a dinner for yourselves maybe, you drive around and you go to other neighborhoods, and you write a little letter encouraging someone, and you drop …

Jennifer Smith: Random person that you just don’t even know.

Aaron Smith: Random person. You say hey. Just wanted to bless you with a cup of coffee on our family. Here’s some scripture. We just want to let you know that Jesus loves you.

Jennifer Smith: You guys are going to take turns here, or you could try to do it together, if you run at the same pace. You’re going to ding dong that door, leave the note and the card, and ditch out of there.

Aaron Smith: I wouldn’t do it too late, so you don’t make anyone angry. Maybe like five or six. But you go around and you just drop off a … Essentially it’s just giving a bunch of cups of coffee to people or a little tiny snack to someone through a gift card, just to let them know that they’re loved. You never know, you never know what might happen.

Jennifer Smith: Yeah. You might get caught and then have to say hi to someone and then share a story or two. It could be fun.

Aaron Smith: This is going to be for the couples that want to do some adventurous like …

Jennifer Smith: Risk takers.

Aaron Smith: Reminiscent of when they were teenagers or something like that. Dinging, ringing the doorbell and running off.

Jennifer Smith: It’s hard to explain it without laughing, so I’m sure it’s hard to do it without laughing.

Aaron Smith: Which would be fun. That’s a fun interesting one. I hope these encourage you guys today. We love coming up with just fun date night ideas because even when you do date nights regularly, then you start thinking like, huh, what should we do this week? We want to be a little bit creative with them. We’re not always creative, but having a list of them, having things that we can think about helps us definitely every single time, we’re going to have another date night.

Jennifer Smith: Remember we want to hear from you, your unique and fun date ideas, so don’t forget to leave a comment.

Aaron Smith: Yeah, and we’ll go through those and we’ll write them down ourselves so that we can have them for the next time we go on a date, which is going to be next week.

Jennifer Smith: Awesome.

Aaron Smith: So thanks for joining us today, and we’ll see you next episode.
Did you enjoy today’s show? Find many more encouraging stories and resources at marriageaftergod.com. Let us help you cultivate an extraordinary marriage.

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The Connection Between the Jewish Temple and the Church

Throughout the ages, God has established sacred spaces where His presence can dwell among His people. In our latest episode, we embark on a fascinating exploration of the Jewish Temple and the profound connections to the modern-day Church.

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Marriage After God Podcast - Christian Marriage Podcast

Exploring Bible Prophecies: Jesus’ Life, Death, and Resurrection

The Bible is unlike any other book, as it bases its authenticity and authority on prophecy. Prophecy is not a haphazard guess nor a probability made upon uncertain data; prophecy is history written in advance. Join us as we journey through the Old Testament to uncover foreshadowings of Jesus’s birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection.

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