5 Ways To Cultivate Intimacy In Your Marriage!

5-ways-to-cultivate-intimacy-in-your-marriageIntimacy is a vital part of marriage. It is through intimacy that a couple creates connection and a deep bond that far exceeds any other relationship one could have.

It is important that we intentionally cultivate intimacy in marriage. There are many different ways a husband and wife can do this. It takes time, energy and effort, but if you are intentional about it, your marriage will benefit and grow.

Many people associate the word intimacy with sex. Although sex is an intimate act a husband and wife can enjoy together, there are other ways to cultivate intimacy as well. Sexual intimacy is very important, but so are these other intimate acts.

5 Ways To Cultivate Intimacy In Your Marriage:

1. Pray Together

Praying together can seem intimidating, especially if you are not comfortable praying out loud. However, this is one of the most intimate things you will ever get to share with your husband. So gather up the courage and pray with your man! Pray for your marriage, your family, and your future! Praying together builds intimacy because you are vulnerably exposing your heart, not just before your husband, but to God at the same time.

2. Converse With Each Other

This does not mean just talk to one another, rather it means to find a relaxing atmosphere to give quality time to communicating with each other. Be intentional about removing distractions. Make eye contact, share your heart with him, and take time to just listen. Things that you can discuss include the condition of your marriage, goals, issues you may need to resolve, and things God is teaching you. Quality communication fosters intimacy in marriage!

3. Eat Together

Our fast-paced culture tends to fill up every ounce of our time. Learn to slow down and keep your priorities, priorities! Sit together and enjoy a meal with your husband. This can be as simple as a light lunch or you can really set the mood by lighting candles and setting the table nicely. We were made to enjoy food and what better way to nourish your body than doing so alongside your husband. Use the time you have to bless your husband by making his favorite meal! One of the most intimate settings Jesus experienced with His disciples was sharing Passover with them! Eating together fosters intimacy because it shows you care enough to slow down and enjoy the time you have been given, it encourages community, and it usually creates an atmosphere of peace.

4. Play Together

Experience joy, laughter, excitement, and fun as you play together. You can play with your spouse through games like keep away with the remote, tickle torture, water fights, clean pranks, or actually sport games. Playing together keeps your relationship fresh as you are energized by laughter and happiness. Playing together will stimulate your mind and your heart. Playing together cultivates intimacy in marriage because it includes physical touch.

5. Go On Adventures

Just like playing together, going on adventures will stimulate your mind and your heart. Go on adventures together may be trying a new restaurant, going on a hike, traveling out of state, going on a mission trip, or taking a drive. This will cause you to communicate as you experience new things around you! Be creative and explore with your husband as often as you can! Remember these do not have to be expensive, it may just be a walk down a street you have never been down before. As you learn to trust each other through your adventures and the excitement of experiencing new things is intimate because it will draw you closer to each other!

These are just 5 ways to cultivate intimacy in marriage. If you and your husband have a special way of creating intimacy in marriage please share in the comments below to encourage other wives!

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