5 Surefire Ways To Encourage Your Husband


You know that saying, “He can’t read your mind”. Sometimes as women we often feel neglected, under-appreciated and need to hear encouragement from our husband. Well, what if I told you that your husband needs just as much affirmation as us women. The difference is, he is less likely to admit it. Our husbands need to hear our praise, feel appreciated and have our unconditional love.

Here are 5 surefire ways to encourage your husband:

1. Believe in him:
Your husband needs you to show your support in all areas of his life. He needs to know that you are behind him 110%. At times this is easier said, than done.  As wives, we need to be our husband’s biggest fan and greatest cheerleader. But by God’s grace we can submissively respect our husbands decisions and honor him by showing our complete support. It’s amazing how simple saying, “I believe in you” can affirm your husband in ways we may never understand.

2. Compliment him:
We are so quick to give fluff compliments that are generic, over-used and don’t penetrate the heart. I challenge you to really watch your husband. Take time to truly admire him and find new, fresh ways to show him that you appreciate him. My husband convicted me of this after I gave him my typical, “You did great, babe”….he responded sincerely, asking “Really, What was so great?” It made me think twice about giving him the same old compliment. Make sure your next complement has substance.

3. Show you love him by your actions:
When you truly love someone you show them by genuinely caring about them. Make sure your husband knows that after God, he is your priority. Show him that he is more important than checking your e-mail or cleaning the house. I know our days are busy and exhausting but make sure you save enough energy to intimately show your husband that you really love him.

4. Leave him a love note:
On Sunday’s when my husband is leading worship or preaching, I know he needs additional encouragement and prayers. I love to write him a sweet note that includes an encouraging scripture and promises from God’s Word. It’s important to reaffirm your husband with God’s Truth. The Word of God is the most powerful tool that we possess and the courage that God pours into us from it, is irreplaceable. Try to get creative and hide your love note somewhere so he finds it at the perfect moment or have a lot of fun by turning it into a scavenger hunt, puzzle or cryptogram.

5. Pray over your husband:
This is by far the most encouraging thing we can do for our spouse. Our husband needs us to commit to pray for him. Pray that God will give your husband the wisdom, discernment and courage that he needs to live completely for Christ, and to be a God-head for your family. Satan can easily creep into our husband’s mind telling him that he isn’t good enough or fill his mind with unrealistic expectations. We must pray that God encourages our husband and empowers us as wives to do so as well.

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