5 Outdoor Dates for Summer

5-outdoor-date-ideas-no-text-fixedIt’s warm and it’s a great time of year to enjoy God’s beautiful creation with your husband. My husband and I love summertime, because it makes for fun, adventurous (and inexpensive!) dates.

Here are five outdoor dates for getting outside and enjoying Summer with your husband:

1. Going camping

A few times a Summer, we pick up and go camping for the weekend. Spending time together out in God’s beautiful creation is priceless. We’re away from the stress of day-to-day life, we’re unplugged from our electronics, and we’re getting exercise. Plus, it’s very inexpensive! Some of the camp sites we visit have small fees, and some don’t charge at all. It’s the perfect mini-vacation.

2. Going hiking

If it isn’t possible to get away for a whole weekend, hiking is a great alternative. When it’s nice out, we love to get up early, pack a lunch, and hit the trails. Sometimes we even hike up to a lake and go for a swim when we get to the top. We chat, snap pictures, and explore beautiful, hidden parks and trails that we would have never otherwise experienced.

3. Exploring a new city

We recently took a trip up to a nearby city for my birthday. Since parking was so limited, we walked everywhere. We walked miles each day exploring new areas of the city, finding new places to eat and shop, and enjoying taking in the beauty of skyscrapers and city life. Since, then we’ve taken a few day trips to other local cities; just to enjoy a day walking around and enjoying time together.

4. Volunteering

Helping out a local ministry for the day is a great way to get exercise while helping others, spreading God’s Word, and enjoying time together. Find a local cause to donate your time to, and spend the day serving others. A couple times each Summer we help out with a local ministry that does yard work and gardening for individuals in our community who are unable to keep with the upkeep of their property their own. We’ve found that pouring into others’ lives together has greatly benefited our marriage and drawn us closer together.

5. Geocaching

If you’ve never heard of geocaching, it’s basically a treasure hunt! All you need is a GPS (or the geocaching app for your phone) and a free day to go exploring. You’d be surprised by how many caches are hidden in your area. They range from small to large, and are filled with small toys, key-chains, souvenirs, etc. You take a treasure, leave a treasure, and sign the guest book. It’s so fun to come back years later and see what you and your husband wrote in the guestbook. You could even stop by ahead of time and leave a small gift or note for your husband to find.

Dates don’t have to be costly, and they also don’t always have to always be “dinner and a movie.” Getting outside and enjoying the sunshine with your husband is a great way to get out of the house and spend quality time together.

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