31 Days Of Praying For Your Spouse Challenge

As we kick off the New Year, Aaron and I are committing to praying for each other every day using our books 31 Prayers For My Husband & For My Wife during the month of January. 

We hope to grow closer to each other and to God as we intentionally focus on praying for specific areas of each other’s lives. We also desire to do this as a community, to inspire other couples to be praying for their spouse daily.

Every day we will post to Facebook an encouragement, reminder, or thought regarding that day’s prayer, using the hashtag:


If you desire to join us you can follow along on Facebook at: 



If you commit to this Marriage Prayer Challenge be sure to invite your spouse to do it as well!

The books we are using for this challenge were written by us. Each day has a scripture that supports the prayer for that day, which we highly recommend you meditate on. There are also lined journal pages after each prayer for you to personalize your prayers, or make prayers for your children surrounding the same topic.

**You do not have to have these books in order to commit to doing this challenge. They are going to be used as a guide and point of reference but you can also just make up your own prayers each day.

You can get our books here: 

Amazon: 31 Prayers For My Husband      |      31 Prayers For My Wife

Or shop our store and buy them as a bundle for a great discount!

More details about the significance of praying for your spouse can be found HERE.

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