3 Ways To Build Up Your Date Night Fund

Spending quality time with your husband is so important for staying connected and having quality conversation with one another. But when money is tight, finding the funds to do so can be tough.


However, date nights don’t have to be expensive, and setting money aside doesn’t have to be painful. A little at a time adds up, and before you know it you’ll have enough to go out on a wonderful date night.

Here are a few ideas to get started:

1. Start a date night piggy bank

Back when we were about 16, I gave my husband a black chalkboard piggy bank decorated with all of the reasons I loved him. It quickly became our “date night piggy bank.” Whenever we pull spare change out of our wallets, or find a few dollars in our pockets while doing laundry, we put it into the piggy bank. We don’t really notice this money being put away, but it really adds up! Once a month we dump out the piggy bank and cash in the money for a date night. Some months we’re really surprised by how much we have to spend!

2. Set aside money each paycheck

Even if you can only set aside a few dollars each paycheck, it adds up. My husband and I are both in college, so we understand tight budgets. But we also know that it’s really important to go out every once in awhile. Set aside money before you even start spending your paycheck–treat it as another expense. You’ll be glad when it adds up and you get to spend a fun night out with your hubby.

3. Cut back in other places

Once every few weeks, my husband and I try to skip a grocery shopping trip and use up all of the food in our pantry. It’s usually just odds and ends, but often surpised by how far we can make it stretch. Even just a week of doing this can put a good chunk of change back into our bank account. That’s the perfect money to spend on a date night, and doesn’t take away from the rest of our budget. Find an area you can cut back on, and put that money into your date night fund. It will be worth it!

Don’t let your budget get in the way of spending quality time with your husband! Find a way to set a little bit aside at a time, and plan a fun affordable date night for when it all adds up.

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