3 Tips on How to Stay Together

With my parents’ 30th anniversary happening this month, it made me wonder, “What did they do to make it through 30 years of marriage?” 

Here are 3 Tips On How To Stay Together:

Tip: Put God first and at the center of your marriage. Pray together, pray for each other, and pray for yourself. Without God’s help, you will only be as strong as your human wants and decisions.

Personal Experience:  My mom has fasted every Wednesday morning since I can remember. At the top of her prayer list is her marriage. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the foundation of their relationship.

Tip: Every marriage will have valleys. So, when things get tough, make an effort to not lose your cool in front of your children and others. Whatever the issue, save it for a private place. There is no reason to drag other people, especially your children, into your problems. Once you are by yourselves should be the time to talk it out and get to the root of the issue.

Personal Experience: I can honestly say that I never even heard my parents bicker until I was in college. It never crossed my mind that they would have disagreements. They always made an effort to keep any differences of opinions to themselves until I was sound asleep. I credit this to the very calm and loving environment in which I grew up in.

Tip: Just like a fire, if you don’t stoke your relationship the flames will eventually go out.  Keep that spark alive by intentionally setting time aside to spend one on one. If you are in a season of life that doesn’t allow for much date time, then let your spouse know how much they mean to you either verbally or through written notes.

Personal Experience:  From the time I was old enough to be looked after by a babysitter up until I left the nest, my parents set aside time for date nights. Also, my dad is a note writer.  On every special day, as well as many “normal” days, my dad would tape short notes on the bathroom mirror reminding us how much he cared and how proud we made him. It was never anything fancy, but those are the things that made the most impact.

I pray these 3 tips inspire you just as they have me and you find a way to apply them in your everyday lives. May God bless you and your marriage!

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