3 Things I Am Doing For My Husband Leading Up To Valentine’s Day

The last few days my marriage has been on my mind. It could be that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so everything and anything about love is bright and bold, in my sight, making me think.

I have been considering the many ways my husband and I have grown up since we first got married. I love the progression of our journey and the maturity we have experienced. I praise God for the people we are today and that we still want to grow closer to Him and closer to each other.

I have also been looking at our relationship as a whole to see what other changes I can tell have occurred. There is one that stands out and it is one I am aiming to make better.

I realized recently that we don’t interact with each other in an affectionate way like we use to. It could be for a number of reasons. To be specific, I mean holding hands, giving pecks on the cheek, looking across a room full of people and making strong eye contact with each other…the things that let each other know we are there for one another, physically there. Especially when we are hanging out with friends or are out in public, I feel like we operate well together, we just are not as engaged with one another.

Again, this could be for many reasons. I was thinking maybe it is because we are so comfortable and familiar with each other we just don’t think about it, maybe it is because we work from home so we do it at home and I don’t recognize it, maybe it is because we are chasing around our kids and are worn out. I’m not really sure. 

Whatever the reason for the change…I’m not okay with it. I want to change, again, this time for the better. I want us to be affectionate with each other no matter where we are, because I know it will affirm our relationship and the love we have for each other.

There are three things I am going to do over the next two weeks to intentionally spice up how we interact with each other. And I am going to do these things regardless of my husband being willing to do them, which I think he will want to, I just need to be confident that my actions are not determined by his. The truth is, he may not change for a while or at all. If I hold out too, then we will not see a change in this area at all. But if I am willing no matter what, I hope my actions inspire his.

Here Are 3 Things I Am Doing For My Husband Leading Up To Valentine’s Day:

  1. When we are out and about I will make the effort to show my husband affection at least once or twice. (This includes a peck, a flirt, a tickle on the back of his neck, just about anything that requires physical touch)
  2. When we are home, even if we are working, I will take a moment during the day to be physically playful with my husband.
  3. Before bed, I will offer my husband a massage. Either a foot, back, hand or shoulder/head massage.

The first two I think will be easy. The third one will require more effort, but I believe it will make the biggest impact. My husband loves massages and I rarely go out of my way to treat him with one. He is really good about offering them to me, but I know I can step up in this area. I believe it will show my husband that I honor him and that I desire to serve him out of love.

My hope is that my actions of showing my husband more affection will lead to us experiencing even greater closeness.

And I am sharing this with you in hopes of inspiring some of you who long for the same with your husband.

I also want to share what I am planning for Valentines! My husband has never been a fan of the tradition of this day because he does not like the feeling of having to buys gifts just because our culture advertises how that is how to celebrate Valentine’s. On the flip side, he knows I like to be romanced and I like taking advantage of special days like this.

far we are planning on a fun day of shooting at the range, a movie and a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. My idea of fancy is really based on the desserts! To end the evening I am planning on reinforcing the change I am committing to in our marriage by doing a candlelit massage for my husband and of course I will be using Melt to help me!

I mentioned Melt last year around Mother’s Day and how I used it to learn how to give my husband an amazing back rub. If you were inspired back then to sign up for Melt I encourage you to go back to your account and take advantage of it to bless your husband this Valentine’s Day.

If you haven’t purchased Melt, you should! Melt is a membership to great videos that will teach you how to give your spouse the massage of their life. It is an awesome resource to have on hand. And it will help you serve your husband in a physical way he is sure to love.  

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I am really looking forward to this commitment I am making and I am looking forward to the change it will bring to our relationship. I am hoping Valentine’s Day is a sweet cherry on top!

What are your plans for Valentine’s?Melt - facebook

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