21 Unforgettable Days Of CHRISTmas For The Hubby

uw-quote-RecoveredWe all know how hectic it can be this time of year. Between the nonstop shopping, gift exchanges, children’s performances, the family suddenly wanting to visit, last minute Christmas cards, decorating, baking, family pics, wrapping gifts and well there is just toooo much to list. I’m exhausted just thinking about it…

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Back to where I started, we all know how hectic it can be this time of year… and why? Why do we allow CHRISTmas to become this way? This time of year is truly incredible; we get to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Not only do we get to celebrate His birth, but we get to celebrate it openly and LOUDLY ~ we are so incredibly blessed to be able to live where we have the freedom to shout from the tips of the Christmas trees “Jesus was born on this day ~ Rejoice!” And… we get to do this with our husbands!!!

“REJOICE” ~ do we rejoice or do we get stuck in the to-do list and playing catch up! Scratching off lists, making new ones, driving here to there dropping kids off picking others up that we hope are ours, GO GO GO!!! This year lets STOP, smell the sweetened egg nog and cookies, lick the candy cane and hug our husbands while taking in the beauty of this magical season! Allowing God to show His presence in all things, especially our marriages.

Imagine… a dark starry twinkling light night surrounded by cascading snowflakes trees hovering over you and your husband. Sexy Christmas Horns subtly playing with bells shaking in a distance, there is a chill in the air that pulls your man in closer as he squeezes your waist ever so tightly, kissing the top of your head. He snugs your beanie over your ears and makes sure your scarf is just right protecting his bride with a joyful love only God can provide. Your mind is full of, “I love this Man, I love this moment, I want to push pause and JUST BE here forever.” He grabs your hand and starts to run with you towards a small little cart and orders you, your favorite hot chocolate and his manly coffee.  The two of you walk away and find a beautiful secluded spot ~ you look into each others eyes, no words needed just smiles that say “Your mine, and I am yours ~ Merry Christmas, and I want you!!!.” 

GAHHHHHH ~ I want that Christmas, don’t you??? Seriously, let’s stop and think for a second ~ God created marriage for us to enjoy, for us to truly experience holy goodness. A man is to be completed by his woman and vice versa, why do we forget to stay focused on this and get so caught up in the busy.

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” *Genesis 1:27-28

So let’s make it happen, let’s give HIM a Christmas He will never forget and get focused back on each other, what God has blessed! Today I am challenging you to create an UNFORGETTABLE CHRISTMAS for you and your Husband. God created your husband for you and you for your husband, His gift to the both of you daily, is each other! This CHRISTmas celebrate your gift of marriage and make it one to remember! A Christmas that will not only be Jolly, Merry, and Joyful, but also Loving, Magical, and HOTT!

For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh *Genesis 2:24*

The month is halfway through, but this challenge can begin and end whenever you want! Below you will find 21 Unforgettable Days, read them over, pray through them, just do them! If you want to change them up to make them more “you” go for it, if you want to follow them perfectly, awesome, just do it! I encourage you to have no fear and trust in God that you are reading this right now for a reason!  You can try and do them all or just some! It is up to you!

But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in your hand *Psalm 31:14-15*

Before you dive into the 21 UNFORGETTABLE DAYS, Lets Pray ~ “God Thank YOU for giving me the courage to take on this 21 UNFORGETTABLE Days Of CHRISTmas challenge to bless my husband. I am so grateful for your love and reminder of the gift you have given me in my husband. I pray Lord you will give me your confidence as I read through, plan and apply these “days” to our life as a couple. Please, Lord, remind me of what is important to my husband during the Holiday season so I can change some things here and there to be intentionally intended for just us. Help me to be truly selfless during this time and have a heart and mind that only desires to give, give to the Man you created for me! Lord, I cannot end this prayer without THANKING YOU for the gift of your precious Son Jesus, whom without I would not be praying at all! I am forever grateful and in Love with you Lord, In your Name AMEN!



  1. Plan a moment to sit with your hubby and give him a nice printed up “wish list” for him to fill out. He has 24 hours to return it. Ask him to write down any Christmas wishes, ranging from gifts to wildest dreams come true. Tell him there will be a surprise when he returns the wish list (this list is intended to help you with plans and ideas during this challenge and thereafter).
  2. Plan a surprise to bless your husband with for returning the “wish list”. Think “joyful noise” 🙂
  3. Plan a trip to a tree farm. Take a walk through all the Christmas trees and ask him about Christmas*s of his past, what were his favorites and why.
  4. Plan a “presence” dinner. In the center of the table have small gifts (3-7 see below) wrapped. Enjoy your dinner and throughout have him open the “gifts” each one opens with a reason why you love his “presence” in your life.  *The gifts are papers different sizes rolled up like a scroll ~ with the “why I love your presence” in my life on them*
  5. Plan a day at the Mall. Yes, your Man at the Mall ~ a day the two of you can shop together, no kids. Ask him what He wants for Christmas (something that was not on the list) ask him to try clothes on and tell him how good looking he is. Sometime in that day you sneak into a sexy lingerie store (without him ~ have him go hunt down a toy for the kids), slip on something and take a “selfie”. Later send him for a snack text the pic of you in the outfit while he is in line away from you getting that snack, wait til you see the grin on his face when he returns.
  6. Plan a night of lights, grab the family and head over to the neighborhood near you with the most creative festive lights. Get out of the car and walk together, enjoy the season and each other.
  7. Plan a cheesy Christmas code word for example: “frosty”  “scrooge”  “north pole” or “vixen” this keyword is used by only you and the hubster ~ it is a secret! When you’re feeling a bit frisky, the code word can be used in normal conversation. Meaning, if it’s said ~ you both make eye contact and know exactly what it means and what is about to go down tonight.
  8. Plan a letter to Santa Night. Ask your Man to sit down and read to him your letter to Santa, this is not your typical “I want” letter to Santa. This letter is written to Santa to express to him “why ~I would want to marry him all over again letter to santa, you want nothing else because” he is sitting right here in front of you and list all the reasons why you would want to marry Him all over again!
  9. Plan a duty-free day! Take over your hubby*s duties today ~ give him a much needed day of rest and you take on his load.
  10. Plan a Permanent Marker Nightie. Invest in Christmas colors and decorate one of his undershirts, be creative ~ draw a map on it, at each X have directions of what he is to do once he gets to it ~ wear that shirt to bed that night and make sure you bring a flashlight so he can read.
  11. Plan to stuff a stocking. Stuff a stocking with all the things that you do that drives him crazy, in a not so good way! Write them down and leave a few blank ones, say them out loud and say, “I’m sorry for…” and stuff the stocking, ask him to write down anything you missed and you read those out loud also. Once you have stuffed the stocking with the things, you tend to do that drive him crazy (in a not so good way) tell him you are going to do your best to try and not do those things any more. Ask for grace as you begin to change and for his support. Explain your gift to him this Christmas is to be a better you.
  12. Plan a special night in, with mistletoe, a Santa hat, and a bow ~ just the two of you. If necessary get a babysitter, I will leave the rest up to your imagination.
  13. Plan a special Text message. Title it the 12 Texts of Christmas. Type 12 reasons why your Husband is an amazing Husband.
  14. Plan a day to pray over your Husband. That morning when you wake up, pray over the Him (for him to hear) first thing and continue to pray intentional prayers over your husband thought the day, be sure to pray for him before he goes to bed as well! Feel free to type a prayer up and give it to him.
  15. Plan a car jacking. Grab your hubby’s spare keys and “Jack” his car while he is at work, watching the game, etc. ~ take it to get it washed, place an index card on his dashboard with a sexy note and your red lips kiss imprinted behind ~ leave like a ninja, so it is a complete surprise when he gets back to his car.
  16. Plan a day of encouragement, today write out an encouraging verse to help him focus on the Lord. Place the verse someplace he will find it.
  17. Plan a drive to His favorite destination (that is doable) pack a Christmas pic*nic,  his favorite treats, and yummy lunch. Whip out some Christmas decor and do not forget the mistletoe.
  18. Plan a Social Media I love my Man, Day! Bless your husband today on Social Media, create a picture of Him and tell the world why He is your favorite gift every Christmas!
  19. Plan a reason to Bless others this season. Today stay focused on the Lord and each other, but also allow yourselves to plan something special for others. This is completely up to you, and, however, the two of you want to do it, just allow your husband to take the lead. Encourage him, speak into the plans, but allow him to have truly a voice and make the plans happen and bless others.
  20. Make a Key that says Santa on it, have fun and be creative. Give your Hubby this Key and let him know it is good for “one turn” and kiss him on the cheek. (He can give you the key whenever he wants, but it is only good for “one turn” meaning ~ once he turns it into you he does not get it back, enjoy your time together and whatever you do ~ do not turn him down when he gives it to you)
  21. Plan a wedding day memory. Place a portrait from your wedding Day in a frame, and on the back of the frame or creatively in the frame have typed up your “letter to Santa” the why you would want to marry him all over again. Wrap this up.  Tonight do not give him the gift yet, instead kiss him passionately *Pray about when to give your hubby the “wedding memory” do not give this with the “usual” gift exchange you partake in, do this when the Lord prompts you

 And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity *Colossians 3:14*

May your marriage be blessed in abundance this Christmas! May your husband smile in a way that confirms he receives and appreciates and enjoys the love you so selfishly bless him with. May you remember Jesus is the reason for this season and glorify Him with your marriage as a gift to HIM this CHRISTmas and each day after.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

TRENDING: 25 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Husband

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