10 Things I Love About My Husband

This year, for each of my kids’ birthdays, I wrote a list of things I love about them, according to their ages. My oldest turned ten, my middle daughter turned eight, and my son turned five. I wrote ten, eight and five things I love about them.


I have been reading through Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph. In it, the author takes you through various challenges. One of the challenges was to write a list of ten things you admire about your husband. Since my husband’s birthday is in December, it seemed appropriate to write his list this month.

My husband…

1 …encourages me to study the Bible. Whether it’s giving me a few quiet, uninterrupted minutes during the day or watching the kids so I can attend Bible study, he does it so that I have time to spend in the Word.

2 …supports my crazy ideas. When I said I wanted to start a blog or begin a Bible study with women I had never met in person, he didn’t look at me with concern or questioning in his eyes. He led me to a place where I could feel comfortable exploring these ideas and helped me to accomplish my goals.

3 …is well liked and respected. I love hearing people talk about my husband, in a positive way. It only makes me love him more to know that so many others see his true character and value him as an individual.

4 …is motivated to create a successful business, with integrity. As a business owner, my husband strives to not only be successful, but to be godly. This is important to him. I love this!

5 …loves the children and makes them a priority, taking time for their interests, etc. As a busy father of three, my husband is often pulled in different directions. Yet, he engages with our kids and enjoys spending time with them. I am blessed each time I watch him wrestle with our son, pray with our daughters and even help them with their homework. It makes my heart happy.

6 …loves my family, as his own. My husband’s growing up life and mine were very different. Yet, he has embraced my family and their traditions. My sisters are his sisters, and he would do anything for them, just as I would.

7 …has a incredible sense of humor. He loves to laugh with me. He tells me regularly how much he loves to hear me laugh. While there are times when his attempts at humor are annoying to me, I know that he is acting in love and only wants to see me enjoying life and our time together.

8 …is always conscious of his schedule and how it impacts the family. Part of my husband’s work takes him out of town weekly, usually for one or two days at a time. Honestly, this is hard. But, one thing that makes it easier is the fact that he recognizes the strain it puts on me and the kids. He is aware and consequently, attempts to minimize the negative impact any way he can.

9 …desires to be the spiritual leader of our home, praying with me and our children. My husband prays with each of us and always encourages our family to pray together at meal times. He gets on his knees nightly and humbles himself in prayer before God. Many nights, if I am awake, I watch him do this and thank God for this spiritual leadership.

10 …values excellence, but leads with grace. That’s true love, as he desires to create an atmosphere where he is proud of our achievements, but where we can safely fail.

Now, it’s your turn.

Write a list of things you admire about your husband. It may not be easy, but this exercise will help you replace any negative thoughts or annoyances you may have, with positive ones.

Then, reflect on this list. Whether you choose to share it with your husband or not, be sure to thank God for your husband and each of his admirable traits.

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