10 Things I Do Immediately After Watching “Fixer Upper”

fixer-upperI couldn’t wait for Season 3 to start.

I found “Fixer Upper” when my family and I were visiting my parents during the summer. They have t.v. and had a dozen or so episodes recorded. Within seconds I was hooked. In a short period of time I managed to catch up on all the episodes.

Watching the show sent inspiration flying around my heart. I love their talent and just about everything they do! Chip and Joanna’s banter back and forth was awesome to see, making me laugh and appreciate their way of interacting with each other.

Last night, my husband and I curled up in bed to watch the Season 3 Premiere. Immediately following the credits I did what I always do after watching Fixer Upper…

  1. Look up properties on Zillow that are for sale near me.
  2. Consider making those properties epic by knocking out walls and adding cool light fixtures.
  3. Look up DIY tutorials on Pinterest to upgrade our current house.
  4. Make a plan of action to “fix” our house.
  5. Get excited about the challenge to make our house epic.
  6. Consider what it would be like to be Chip and Jo and have their job.
  7. Consider if we would be good friends with the Gaines if we ever moved to Waco.
  8. Look up properties on Zillow that are for sale in Waco.
  9. Scratch all plans when I realize we can’t afford any of that right now.
  10. Get excited about the next episode.

I seriously do these things every time I watch an episode. I didn’t even realize I was doing all of these things each time until last night. It made me laugh. And I know I’m not alone in this…because my husband joins in the fun. He searches too at the thrill of making something new again. It’s refreshing.

Considering how to make an older home new to us is refreshing.

Daydreaming about the adventure of moving or making new friends or decorating…it all inspires me. That is why I love the show so much. They leave you with the taste of inspiration in your heart and a notion that you can make it happen. I also admire Chip and Joanna’s love for one another. Their relationship has sparked consideration in my heart for how I interact with my husband. They challenge me to make my love strong!

Their marriage reflects a beautiful picture of God’s love shining through the t.v. for all the world to see. How amazing is that!

One thing that I have had to work on after watching a show comes in around number 9 of my list. In the beginning I would scratch my plans with a little bit of bitterness in my heart. I envied the families who got what they wanted. I noticed anger splashed up to the surface of my heart like acid reflux, only to linger a short while. But God spoke to me. Even in my discontent. He reminded me of all that I have that is good. He told me that He is enough. He reminded me not to love the things in this world. And I also heard His words,

Behold, I am making all things new.” – Revelations 21:5

God is the ultimate fixer upper…and I have Him. I’m good.

God has transformed my life from the inside out! He has taken out the old, decaying insides, the rusty nails, the mold, the sin…and has made me into something beautiful. He secured my foundation and He built me up. I am made new. I think this too is why I like the show so much.

The correlations I see in the Gaines fixing up houses reminds me of the Gospel. 

And my house, well, it can wait for the right time. For now I can enjoy the show and watch how God uses a couple’s talents to bless others. Oh and I can sit back and savor that inspiration that tastes so sweet. I really love feeling inspired.

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Watch Joanna’s Testimony:

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