10 Commitments To A Better Marriage

10-commitmentsIf you are like me, you love to write out “To-Do-Lists” usually of things that need to get done that day, or week, or month! Clean the laundry, backup photos, call my friend, pay a bill, etc. My problem with the To-Do-List is that I spend more time creating it, then actually committing to doing the things I hope to accomplish.  I find these lists randomly laying around in different places of my chaotic life; stuffed among other piles of paperwork, folded in pants pockets, laying in the corner of the room, or floating through the car when the windows come down.

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Very rarely do I ever discover a To-Do-List that has been completed.  Even if it is close to being done, I usually add to the never-ending tasks that need my attention. Unfortunately, I approach my marriage this way as well.  Most of the time the Marriage To-Do-List is in my head, and as much as I intend to fulfill each task that I know will bless me with a better marriage, I quickly fold it up and store it away for when I have more time to focus on it, which often times gets forgotten about. I am realizing that the existence of a To-Do-List is not a special way of getting things done, but rather my commitment and intentionality to complete the list is what is productive! My marriage is very important to me.  It is time I write out the mental “Marriage To-Do-List” and commit to following through on the very things I believe will bless my marriage!  Feel free to use this list yourself as a way to better your marriage!  

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Remember that you must commit to fulfill this list, placing it somewhere you will see everyday… otherwise it will end up folded into the laundry basket!

10 Commitments To A Better Marriage – The Marriage To-Do-List

1.   Love Intentionally

2.   Pray For My Spouse

3.   Be Content

4.   Bless My Spouse

5.   Read Scripture Together

6.   Respect My Spouse

7.   Initiate Intimacy

8.   Be Transparent

9.   Give Thanks

10. Affirm My Spouse

Do you ever make To-Do-Lists?

Do you ever lose the lists because you’re not really committed to fulfilling the tasks you list?

Are you willing to use these 10 commitments to better your marriage?

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