When My Husband Acts Like Me

Have you ever noticed when your husband acts like you?

He does something that stops you in your tracks and makes you consider the fact that he never did that before and now he just did.

What he did was so familiar to you, you think to yourself,

when-he-acts-like-meWhat he just did, he must have learned it from me.

But then you don’t want to mention it because it was actually a negative thing. An annoying thing. A thing that makes you regret ever doing it.

This has happened to me more than once. And when it happens I feel awful, knowing that I was the one who influenced him in a direction that is not strong or healthy.

I want us to be very aware that we have huge influence with our spouses and likewise they influence us.

Our behaviors, our way of thinking, our habits, all of it sets an example for living.

Is what we do a good example or a bad example?

I desire to be a wife who sets a good example. I desire to be a wife who sees her husband act like her and think its a beautiful thing.

When we see our bad example reflected in our husbands, something needs to be done to stop the negative cycle/behavior. Although we may want to cringe and hide when that unwanted action shows up to rear its ugliness, we must assume responsibility. We should be bold enough to say,

I’ve seen this before in me. I am sorry for setting a bad example. Can we agree not to do this ‘thing’ anymore?”

When my husband acts like me, I don’t want to see my sin. I don’t want to see a reflection of my poor character. I don’t want to be confronted by the truth that I am imperfect. I’d much rather see him do something great and grand when he acts like me! So I must be willing to evaluate my life and make wise choices, knowing that what I do is a ripple effect into the lives of others, influencing them.

The same is true of our children. What we model we will see.

Let us rise up and be women who are worthy to be reflected.

Women who reflect the characteristics and likeness of God. Women who leave a legacy in marriage and parenting that continues God’s goodness and grace, not sin.

If you are a woman who desires this, but maybe you don’t know how to change your ways or you don’t know where to start…I encourage you to go through Wife After God and let God guide you on the journey!

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