Unglued By Lysa TerKeurst – Book Review

unglued-book-reviewHave you ever come unglued?

You know… that moment when life just seems to be out of control… raw emotions flood your entire being… overwhelmed, frustrated, uneasy, agitated … and you either stuff it all inside… or explode!?!

In Lysa TerKeurst’s new book Unglued – Making Wise Choices In The Midst Of Raw Emotions she candidly shares stories of when she has become unglued, stories that any wife or mother can easily relate to!

She explains four different reaction types people can have when they become unglued.

  1. Exploder that Blames Others
  2. Exploder that Shames Herself
  3. Stuffer that Build Barriers
  4. Stuffer that Collects Retaliation Rocks

Lysa describes each of these types in detail, helping the reader to understand how each is defined.  She also admits that a person can be more than one of these, sharing that she happens to react all four ways depending on the situation!

As I read the book, I began to recognize in my life which way I tend to react.  I am mostly the “Stuffer that Builds Barriers” however towards my husband I am often an “Exploder that Blames Others” (him) and a “Stuffer that Collects Retaliation Rocks.”

Also as I read the book, there were moments throughout the day that I became unglued, and when it happened, I immediately reflected back to Lysa’s words.  I was now aware of my raw emotions and my reactions… more than ever before!

For example, my husband and I were in the far left lane of traffic when our car began to overheat.  I felt a rush of frustration and disdain towards our car as we merged over into the shoulder.  I knew in that moment I could have reacted out of my raw emotions, taking it out on my husband, but instead Lysa’s words resounded in my head..

“If this is the worst thing that happens today, it’s still a pretty good day.”

UngluedThose words have already been memorized!  Written on my heart, waiting to encourage me for when those certain days try to steal the best of me.

Lysa has so many other great quotes of encouragement throughout Unglued, including:

“Feelings should be indicators, not dictators.”


“Do not check in with the screaming demands of the world before you exchange whispers with God.”


The great thing about this book is that it is an easy read.  It only took me a few days to finish! I know that many women have a full schedule and cannot always commit to reading- however, this book is a fabulous resource and I truly believe it is a necessity.

Lysa not only addresses how we become unglued and how we respond, but she also gives guidance in how to have more control in those unglued moments of life.

I highly recommend this book!

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