Start Treating Your Wife Like A Girlfriend Again

There are so many stages of a relationship:

  1. Courting
  2. Dating
  3. Engagement
  4. Marriage

Aren’t those first 3 incredible? The butterflies, the emotions, the uncertainty, sleepless nights, countdowns until you see her, etc. Number 4 is the day you plan for, work for & spend a ton of money on, just to show off your girl and to make her your wife.

It is one of the greatest days of your life and then we, as men, forget.

Do you remember how hard you fought for her, how you spent all kinds of money on her and how you even lost friends over her?

What would your home be like if you treated her as your GIRLFRIEND again?! How would she react? What would she say? How would she feel? Would she dress up more? Would you get more sex? I could go on, right?

Next time you’re driving home, grab that bouquet of flowers, or her favorite chocolate. Call her on the way and ask if you can take her to dinner. Surprise her with a lady’s day. (I’m not talking about a night out clubbing with girlfriends). Or how about the “no-money” option: blanket, a few sandwiches & a picnic; offer to cook her up some dinner; to put the kids to bed tonight; to draw her a bath with candles. Honestly it doesn’t take much at all.

Truly you’ll be surprised with the results & the ease of it all.

Most importantly, don’t do it just once. Write a note in your phone every 14-20 days reminding you to do it again. As you learn and grow in this SKILL it will become easier and most likely more grandiose. I have gone from picnics & homemade dinners to trips across the country, all as a surprise to her.

If I can be 100% honest… She likes the cheap, easy ones the best.

How are you going to treat your wife like your girlfriend again?

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