Review Of For The Love Of Our Husbands By Darby Dugger

For The Love Of Our Husbands by Darby Dugger is a 52-Week Devotional for wives and a great resource to help you through your journey of marriage.  It is very similar to the format of Power of A Praying Wife, although it has 52 parts in comparison to Stormie Omartian’s 30 Chapter book. It is also a very similar resource to Wife After God in that it does not require too much time to devote to going through as each devotion is brief in length…perfect for the busy wife and mom! For The Love Of Our Husbands includes 52 brief devotions and challenges, as well as a guided prayer for you and one for your husband!  Each part is based on a marital topic that most wives, if not all who read it, will relate to.

I appreciate the stories Darby shares. She uses her own marriage to illustrate certain topics and why it is important to pray over that area for you and for your husband. The author does not bother with fanciful words or elaborate explanations. Each devotion and challenge is short and sweet, making them easy to think about during the week. She also includes scripture reinforcing why our prayers in these area of marriage are significant! I love that she did that! Reading through this devotional almost gave me the feeling as though they were personally written letters by Darby to encourage me along in marriage.

The only issue I came across is that I wanted to keep reading it! I found it difficult to wait to read each part week by week. The good news is that even though it is designed to be a 52-Week Devotional, you can really go at any pace you desire. Some wives are extremely busy and only have a small window of opportunity to read a devotional, while others have ample time to invest. Go at your own pace, it will bless you no matter what! The important thing is that you are investing into your marriage…and resources such as this one make great guides.

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What I Got Out Of It:book-review

I was able to refocus my mind on marriage issues that do need my attention and intentionality to improve. Certain topics such as taking thoughts captive, unmet expectations, and not letting myself go phycially challenged me in the areas I could improve as a wife.

It was encouraging hearing Darby’s perspective on these issues and I loved reading along with each prayer that was beautifully written in accordance with each part’s topic.

I have had the privilege of building up a friendship with Darby and I met her for the first time this past summer at a blogging conference. She is genuine and has a huge heart to inspire wives. I love her authenticity, especially her willingness to share personal details of her marriage in this book.

You can get your copy of this devotional HERE! 

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