The Reality Of Only 24 Hours In Day

ifyouwanttotryMy husband and I had a conversation a while back about all the things we hoped to do and the conflict of not having enough time available to do those things.

He was encouraging my heart. As always!

I had a passion to accomplish some pretty significant things, but the reality check he gave me was a reminder that we only ever have 24 hours in a day. Just because we have lofty goals to do more, doesn’t mean we are guaranteed the free time to be able to devote time and energy to accomplish those goals.

We talked about how if we wanted to do something new, we would have to be willing to let something else go. We would have to intentionally make the time to do it! We would have to create space in our schedules for time and energy to pour into our new passionate projects.

The truth is that we are limited with our availability and we always will be. And this needs to be ok. Instead of feeling inadequate, overwhelmed, and burdened by our desires, we need to remember that we are limited and that this is ok.

I was recently reminded of this conflict of time and limitation when I had an awesome idea to create a resource for single and engaged people.

My heart is to help those who desire to grow in intimacy with God…and I felt like God gave my husband and I a great idea to do that for those who desire marriage, but aren’t there yet.

In order to spend time writing out these resources, I had to pull back from blogging. I looked at my life and said, the other biggest priorities in my life are my husband and kids…and unpacking our new house of course! (New Vlog on our big “Fixer Upper” reveal coming so soon!) I never want to neglect my responsibility to my family, so I chose to put blogging on hold for a bit. I have shared some guest posts and articles I felt lead to share, but I definitely have not been posting as much. I’m sure you have noticed. And I just had to be ok with this.

Don’t worry though, these resources are almost done and ready to launch! WHOOHOO! So anyone who has been following who is single or engaged or if you know anyone that is…stay tuned!

My encouragement to you today, is to not feel inadequate when you feel like you don’t have enough time. Just look at your schedule and find something to let go of…and be ok with that! Especially if it is just for a season. Trust in God and rely on Him to lead you. Pray about your plans and submit them to Him! Invite God to help you reorganize your time and availability.

And no matter what goals you may have please keep your marriage and family a priority and protect your time with them at all cost! I hope this helps your heart today!

While I am here for a second…

I also wanted to give you a glimpse into our schedules this next month and give you an update on the blog. We are headed out on a family vacation this week, driving down the coast to Southern California.

We hope to do a meet-up while we are there! Follow me on Instagram for a time and location!

Then we are headed to Maui for an epic family and work adventure. We will be mixing up beach days with meet-ups and interviews for our vlog! We will be highlighting some pretty amazing marriage stories and sharing them with you!

Follow on Facebook to catch us LIVE!

We will be back home in September! Just in time to see Need To Breathe live! A little gift from my husband!

I hope to blog for a few months with regular content…until Baby Wyatt joins us at the end of November! I will be breaking during postpartum recovery, resting, and looking forward to kicking off 2017 with a bang! Starting with the celebration of our 10 year anniversary! YAY!

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