Putting This One Principle Into Action Will Revolutionize Your Marriage!

It’s been a while since God revealed some truth to me in regards to conquering obstacles, stumbling blocks and sin. I understand things better in analogies, and this one kind of came to me out of nowhere.

Years ago I was taking lessons for riding a motorcycle. I had already been riding with my instruction permit for about a month, and I wanted to learn good and safe habits so as not to fall into some bad ones. Among all of the principles I was taught, one stuck out to me most.

The idea is that when entering into a corner on a bike you want to keep your head turned, looking to the furthest point of the corner you can see. It’s not to say that what is right in front of you isn’t important, it’s that you and the bike will naturally follow to where your focus is. Everything right in front of you should be seen in your peripherals. This was revolutionary!

Just putting this one principle into action made me a hundred times better (and safer) at negotiating turns.

One of the girls taking the class with me didn’t catch on quite as quick, showing the other side of this idea. When she was performing a low speed u-turn she went wide, hit a curb, and stumbled down into a ditch. After getting up and dusting herself off the instructor asked what happened.

She said “I didn’t turn enough and hit the curb!”. The instructor then asked where she was looking… she answered, “the curb, I didn’t want to hit it”. So I learned very quickly that where you look is where you go. The curb, the rock in the road, and oncoming traffic are important but it can all be considered in your peripherals. Keep focused on your goal, make it through the corner!

When I hear people ask me what to do when dealing with issues such as addiction to pornography, bouts with alcoholism, difficulties being a loving spouse, I can lay this bit of truth on them.

Whatever you are focusing on is what you are going to do.

Simply realizing that you have an issue is not enough. This leads to trying not to do what you don’t want to do…which is where you will end up. Fix your eyes on Jesus instead.

Keep goals that align with what He wants you to do in life.

Concentrate on spending time in prayer, or reading His word. Exert energy into doing things that help others. Filling your life with things of the Lord will naturally leave no time for the afflictions. Matthew 6:33 is a verse where God promises this to us. Meditate on it and apply it in your life. It will be revolutionary!

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