Preserving And Protecting Love


The love you and your husband share is invaluable.  Simply Priceless. Treasuring your love and the vows of commitment you two made will continue to strengthen the bond you share.  No one else will ever value your marriage as much as you and your husband. Do everything you can to preserve it and protect love so that it endures forever.

If you are looking for a beautiful story that illustrates how a husband and wife can preserve and protect their marriage, please read my article I had the privilege of sharing for Karen Ehman and her 12 Days of Christmas series:

A Love That Lasts

Here is an excerpt:

The sounds of holiday cheer spread joy throughout the house.  The Christmas tree was decorated colorfully from trunk to tip with interesting ornaments ranging over decades. I had traveled with husband and son to see friends of ours who had recently welcomed their first sweet child into the world.  It also happened to be their families annual Christmas party celebration and they kindly invited us to join.

Aunts and uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters began filling every room in the house.  The chatter of hello’s and reminiscing with one another was a joy to hear.  I didn’t know any of the family who came that day so I sat comfortably playing with my son in the living room.  The front door opened and another guest had arrived, it was my friend’s grandparents who have been married 60 years…

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