Prayer: The Husband Revolution

Dear Lord,

Thank you for sending your son to the cross for my salvation and freedom. Thank you for showing me grace and mercy. Lord, you are worthy of all praise and I desire to know you more. I pray that I would begin a revolution in my marriage. I pray that my heart would be revived and rejuvenated. I will walk in integrity and uprightness. I will stand for my wife. I will fight against my true enemy and not against my bride. I will run to you when I am weak. I will flee temptation when it comes. I will forgive. I will repent. I will keep you at the center of my marriage. Change my mind and heart and make me more like you. Teach me to love like you, to serve like you and to walk like you. My marriage will no longer be the same because I surrender to your will.

In Jesus’ name, amen!

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