Prayer: Wives Who Experience Depression

Dear Lord,

I know all too well the pain of depression. The darkness that creeps around, tormenting, and affecting everything in life. I know the weight of stress that sits in the chest, pushing pressure in a test to find the threshold. The absence of joy is more painful than just sadness, and I hope that anyone who experiencing a joyless life would find healing. My hope is that women, especially wives, who are depressed, would be able to seek counsel, encouragement, and freedom. Please send trustworthy people into their lives, most importantly their husbands, who will love unconditionally and without judgement. We stand in faith and against the powers of darkness, claiming that depression would no longer hinder lives, control people, or diminish joy. May the power of Your grace impact us in such a way that depression has no hold. We pray for freedom in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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