Prayer Of The Day – Praising God

Dear God,

I do not praise you enough throughout the day. There is so much that I am thankful for and I am sorry that I forget to share with you my thankfulness. I appreciate them way you created nature, the soothing power it has to calm my heart. Thank you for the colors of flowers, the height of trees, and the way they all sway in the breeze. Thank you for family and friends who love me and encourage me, everyone who shares life with me. It is incredible to see how you are at work in relationships around me. Thank you for my husband, my best friend, who endures with me and laughs with me. He makes life interesting. I value all the big things and all the little things you have placed in my life, allowed me to experience, and I am forever grateful that you sent your Son for me. Your unconditional love is beautiful. Thank you for loving me. I praise you, for you are good and your mercy is perfect. May your will be done in Jesus name AMEN!

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