Prayer Of The Day – Calming The Crazy Cycles

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come before you today and thank you for our lives.  Thank you for your great designs, for the senses that you have given to us to enjoy life, as well as the emotions we have to express.  We pray right now over the awesome ways you have designed our bodies, asking that you help us to be more aware of how to experience life as you intended it, and with a little more self-control.  We especially pray over the certain times of the month, or moments during pregnancy that our bodies are flooded with hormones that cause a reaction in us and through us.  Sometimes those moments lead to tension or arguments in marriage unintentionally.  Please help us women to be aware of when this happens, equip us with self-control, and calm the crazy cycles within our bodies.  Please help our husbands to cope with us gently, with understanding as well.  We pray that you iron out some of these wrinkles in our marriages, and show us how to prevent crazy moments from stirring in Jesus name AMEN!

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