Prayer: Building Trust After Infidelity

Dear Heavenly Father,

I cannot imagine the pain someone goes through when betrayed. I cannot fathom the hurt and the burden one carries especially when infidelity. I cannot comprehend the severity of a marital bond that gets severed. But I know You do. You know exactly what people are facing, and You know how to comfort and restore them. I pray that people who have experienced infidelity in marriage would be able to run to You, lean on You, and trust You. I pray that You would reconcile their hearts and give them understanding, along with your gracious peace. Help them to forgive the offender, so that they themselves may find healing.  Send people to lift them up and encourage them on a daily basis. I pray for hope, that trust can be build again, that marriages can be restored, and that families would become stronger in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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