Prayer: Managing Finances With Your Spouse

Dear Lord,

We have all had our moments of worry if we will have enough, and some couples may be experiencing that season right now. We pray that we would trust in your economy and not the worlds. We pray that we would look to you as our provider, having faith that you will give us all that we need.  We pray that we would be capable of managing our finances with our spouse. Help husbands and wives to trust each other with finances and protect us from the temptation of over spending.  Remind us of the importance of tithing and being generous.  Help us to have hearts that do not seek wealth, but rather seek after you. We pray that we would stay out of debt and that those couples who are in debt would work hard to pay it off.  Please help us not to argue or fight over finances, but find peace.

In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

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