Prayer: Intimacy In Marriage

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the complexity of your word and yet how simple it can be. Thank you for the complexity of humans and yet how simple we can be. Lord, you have created us with so much depth and beauty. I pray that as husbands we would learn to understand the complexities of intimacy with our wives. God, I know that sex is not the only way to be intimate and yet it is always the first place I go. Help me to be intimate with my wife not only physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I pray that I would pursue my wife physically by letting her know that I am attracted to her. Help me to make our marriage a safe place emotionally so that she will feel free to invite me into her feelings. Lord, help me to live with my wife in understanding so that I can stimulate her mentally and to show her that I want to know the way she thinks more deeply. Lastly Lord, teach me to lead us deeper into a more intimate relationship with you. Help me to pray with her for everything and in everything. I pray that I would read to her and with her and that I would remind her of what your word says over specific areas of our lives. Lord, let me be intimate with my wife on every level.

In Jesus’ name, amen!

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