An Open Letter To Ray Rice

Dear Ray Rice,
This isn’t the typical letter, status update, or any other form of gossip that you are facing today. I am not writing this letter to bash on you, but to instead extend grace. When I say “extend grace”, I in no way mean that I condone what you did to your wife, but I am saying that you are forgiven by two people. I read online that your wife has forgiven you, but as long as you repent and ask for forgiveness, God will forgive you as well.
I don’t know your history and what type of marriage you witnessed in your household. Personally, I didn’t witness a good marriage between my parents. All I remember are constant fights on a daily basis and a household that didn’t know how to get along. My first year of marriage was tough because of that.
I had no idea how to be a good husband because I honestly didn’t know what that looked like. I remember being angry my entire life because that is what I saw. Is your story the same? Did you witness physical violence growing up? Were you a victim of violence growing up? You’re an adult now so you know wrong from right, but hurt people do hurt people.
I can’t imagine how you feel right now and I hope you never forget how you feel at this time, because what you did was plain wrong but it isn’t too late for change; a change in your life and a change in your marriage. Your wife has extended grace to you and you owe it to her to change. A good place to start is getting on your knees and praying to Jesus and asking Him into your heart. Christ makes all things new and by the grace of God, you can and will be made new! He wants nothing more but to be in a relationship with you and to repair you and your marriage.
Please, do not find your identity at what the media is labeling you. Instead, find your identity as an imperfect man that has been forgiven. Please forgive yourself and move forward and start the process of bettering yourself.
I really hope this letter finds you because you need to know that you’re forgiven. You need to know that there are men out there praying for you. But, most importantly, you need to know that you are loved.

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