How Living Healthy Impacts Marriage

I didn’t grow up in a family that was concerned about healthy living. I overheard my mom and her sisters talk about dieting, but the need to be truly aware of the impact healthy living can make was not a concern.

As an adult I cared about my body, but the new trend of “organic” and “non-gmo” was just that, new and I wasn’t familiar with any of it.

It wasn’t until I had a reason to care about healthy living, that my husband and I started paying close attention.

The first few years of our marriage were a mess. I experienced pain every time we had sex for 3.5 years. When we sought counseling, a friend of ours mentioned that her friend found healing from PCOS by using natural and organic products. I still didn’t listen for months because I just didn’t think it would help me.

Then my husband got to thinking…what if your face wash, which you have used for years, is affecting your body.

I thought he was crazy. But I had to try something!

We discovered parabens in my face wash, a known endocrine disruptor and an ingredient that is in most personal care products.

Sure enough, after I stopped using it, my body changed. I mean like 3 days later it changed. By the end of the week I experienced pain-free sex!

I’m not a doctor, scientist, or cosmetologist, but I know parabens were affecting my body! The evidence was too obvious.

I am sharing this with you today because I recently posted about this on Facebook and got a ton of questions about it. I realized it is a part of my story I don’t share enough.

{Our journey is told in my book, The Unveiled Wife, if you want to hear more!}

This experience was a pivotal point in our perspective toward living healthy. My husband and I began to pay closer attention to what we were putting in our bodies and on our bodies. Because it really does matter!

Learning about the way different industries work, like the cosmetic industry and the food industry, became important to us. We realized we have a responsibility to educate ourselves and protect ourselves…because companies are not going to do that for us.

Choosing to live healthy and embracing that responsibility has made a huge impact on our marriage.

Through the things we have learned and implemented, we have witnessed how it changes our bodies and attitudes, we have seen the way it benefits our family. I am going to share 3 changes we have made since learning about living healthy and how it has impacts our marriage.

3 Simple Changes We Have Made

1. We use more natural products and overall less products.

Getting rid of parabens was our first step in living healthy. This made us look at the ingredient list of the products we use and opt for healthy alternatives. For example, we switched out the fragrant body washes and facial cleansers for Dr. Bronners. I’m talking we went from about 5 products to just one that is multifunctional. We switched out toxic lubricants for coconut oil. We switched out harsh hand soaps for Theives hand soap by Young Living and Bend Soap Company. We switched Bath and Body Works lotion for coconut oil and Cetaphil, and brand name baby wipes for water wipes!

I am always looking for better, more natural products that have minimal ingredients. In fact, where I use to have options such as 3 different lotions, I am content with the one….because I know I am choosing a healthier lifestyle. It is just worth it to me.

I have already shared how avoiding parabens changed my body for the better. I also know that if I am avoiding products with parabens, I am also avoiding other toxic ingredients that could hurt our bodies. My husband and I also believe we are setting up our children for good health. We are concerned with what goes on their body, which means we are paying attention to soaps, lotions, sunscreens and more. Taking the time to check labels is vital for good health.

2. We avoid added sugar.

When I was pregnant with our first son, my husband and I learned a great deal about food. We went through a 4 month program called Sugar Busters. These classes taught us how to avoid added sugar in the foods we buy. We check labels now, because it has become a priority to us. When you realize how toxic sugar is and how the food industry has added it to most processed foods, your stomach and heart will churn. 

Watch this informational video on sugar:

When we shop, we check the spaghetti sauce, the peanut butter, the apple sauce, the bread, and any other product where sugar could be hiding, and we purchase the ones without it.

We have been doing this for 5 years now so we are familiar with the products that don’t have added sugar. This has made a huge impact in the way we shop, but my husband and I know we are being intentional in the way we provide for each other and our children. And because of it, our children are sensitive to sugar…which isn’t a bad thing. We know when they have had sugar because we see the change in their behavior. This is a really easy and proactive way to change for the better and make a healthy choice for your family.

3. We workout.

This seems like a no-brainer. We are told from a young age how important it is to stay active. However, implementing what we know is the key. We were not doing this, especially consistently. The moment we choose to workout, we began encouraging each other in ways we never did before.

My husband has been doing crossfit nearly daily. I was working out 3 days a week, but that lessened through the first trimester of this 4th pregnancy. I just registered to start at a new gym today! I’ll start with 1 day a week and move back up to 3.

What we don’t realize is how easy it becomes to be sedentary. We sit in front of screens all the time! I just read a fact that on average American children spend 7+ hours in front of a screen every day. OUCH!

If we cannot be good examples for our children, they will learn our bad habits. We must be the example we wish for them. So we must make it a priority to stay active. This will look different for every family, but it is crucial! And although it can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Don’t just jump into crossfit, start with a family walk every evening, something you know you can commit to!  

God created our bodies to be active, so we must keep moving.

Since working out on a regular basis, I have noticed the biggest change in the bedroom. I am more confident in my body and I move more while being intimate with my husband because I have more energy and strength, which has benefitted both of us. I also noticed I have more energy throughout the day with our children. All of the sudden the atmosphere of our home changed. The kids would pretend to do squats or ask us about our workouts. Our son wanted to do push-ups before bed every night. An active family encourages each other in this area of living healthy. It is wonderful!

I hope hearing this encourages you to take a step toward healthy living. God created our bodies and expects us to steward them well. Know that you are responsible for your body and the better you care for it, the better your body will be able to serve your marriage. And the better your children’s futures will be as they build healthy habits based on what they see you and your spouse do!

Here are 2 people I follow for healthy living inspiration:


Max Lugavere

Science journalist focusing on brain health, performance, & aging.


Kira Stokes

Celebrity Trainer in NYC and LA and Creator of The Stoked Method™️

(Kira also provides great workout examples on her Instagram. Warning: She does post photos and videos of her working out in workout clothing and bathing suits.)


Dr. Mark Hyman

Ten times NY Times #1 bestselling author, family physician, and international leader in the field of Functional Medicine.

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