Own Your Life By Sally Clarkson – Book Review

review-own-your-lifeI had the privilege of meeting Sally Clarkson early last year. As I was waiting with a few other women, including her daughter in a conference room where she was hosting Mom Heart, our chatting was interrupted by a light-hearted lyric being sung by Sally as she entered the room dancing and skipping with joy overflowing. This first impression made me smile from ear to ear.

I have been blessed getting to know Sally all the more this last year. She is real, humble, passionate, and joyful. The light of Christ radiates from her, as does her sincere concern and care for others. Sally created the Mom Heart Conference in 1998 and has been faithfully leading it with her husband, Clay, ever since. She has inspired thousands of women, mothers, and wives in their journey of walking with God, and provides many resources for them to further equip them for the God-given roles they have.

Sally recently released her new book titled, Own Your Life: Living with deep intention, bold faith, and generous love. Her purpose with this book is to encourage others to live each day with spiritual intention and to see how each and every decision they make contributes to the legacy they leave.

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My endorsement for Own Your Life:

Sally writes with as much compassion and concern as she displays when chatting with a dear friend. She and her husband have an abundance of experience, including thirty years of marriage, parenting, world travel, and more, and the interesting personal stories Sally shares provide solid, incredibly applicable wisdom. As she intimately draws you into each story, her words will break down the barriers that keep you from owning your life and will motivate you to fulfill your God-given purpose.

What I Got Out Of It:

This book is broken up into five sections:

Part 1: Barriers to Owning Your Life: Don’t settle for a mediocre life

Part 2: Owning Your Vision: Mapping your life purpose

Part 3: Owning Your Life By Giving God Control: What only He can do

Part 4: Owning Your Life By Partnering With God: Attitude and actions that transform

Part 5: Owning Your Life By Living Well: Create a lasting legacy

There are a total of 17 chapters, and within each of them Sally shares personal stories to help share wisdom that is geared to teaching the reader how to be good stewards of the gift of life God has given to them. Also within each chapter is a section called “Own Your Part” when Sally guides them reader through inspirational and practical ways to apply the wisdom she shares. I appreciated that she adds this portion into her book because realistically it will help many readers navigate how to evaluate their lives and implement better ways of fulfilling their roles.

This is not a “marriage” book, however, I strongly believe this resource will influence marriages as the reader takes the steps necessary to own what they have been given and step up to be good stewards of their abilities and talents.

I know there are many wives and mothers who are very busy and do not have a ton of time to invest into reading, yet I think this book is still one to check out, even if it is something you only visit once a week. I would recommend not rushing through it, but rather take it slow and absorb all the good content per chapter.

Sally ends the book with this thought provoking statement:

I have now lived through six decades and have seen many people end their lives with regrets. People who routinely made excuses–who lived in indifference to the voice of God, or who were controlled by fear, busyness, complacency, selfishness, or laziness–often feel remorse when they approach the last decades of their lives. Somehow they never moved forward to do something to own the stewardship of their lives.

…Today is the day we have been given to take responsibility for our lives.” (Page 235-236)

We all have a desire to fulfill purpose and to encounter extraordinary experiences throughout our life. The goal should be to invest spiritually so that God can walk us through these beautiful opportunities that will eventually lead to the legacy we leave. What will your loved ones and friends say when your life comes to an end? What legacy will you have to leave?

Now is the time; today is the day. Own your life.” (Page 241)

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