Letter To My Husband: These Are The Vows

Dear David,

I think that when people first get married, they have no idea what they are getting ready to face with their partner. There is hope for a bright future, a loving family, and cooperation as they navigate marriage. I understand now why marriage vows are “canned” for lack of a better word. It is easier to say, “For better or for worse…’til death do us part” when the couple does not really know what that means at that moment. These are the vows I have been learning how to keep. After five years of marriage, I believe these are the vows I need to keep to do my part as your partner, friend, and lover.

My Vows to You…

  • I vow to pray for you every day. To lift you up before God so that He will be the Author of this next chapter of our marriage.
  • I vow to see you as a gift and to be thankful for the gift God gave me when He allowed me to meet you, grow to love you, and be loved by you.
  • I vow to work without ceasing on my heart towards you as my husband and to build you up instead of tearing you down with my words or actions.
  • I vow to be a true companion for you, a friend who shares your interests and dreams.
  • I vow to protect my heart against temptations, whether they are lustful, manipulative, or selfish in nature, so that I do not ever again break the bond that we will build in the coming years.
  • I vow to seek reconciliation with you so that we share the oneness that makes marriage fulfilling, even when I feel like acting out of pride to be right or out of selfishness for my own satisfaction.
  • I vow to discover with you our sexual pleasures and to keep exploring this with you throughout the different seasons of our marriage.
  • I vow to be submissive to you, as the leader of our family, to avoid contention and to follow your leading when you tell me I have something I need to work on that will better our relationship and my role as a mother and wife.

With Love and Commitment,

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