Letter To My Husband – My Knight

Dear Jay,

You know I remember asking my mom once after my 9 year marriage fell apart, “How can I ever find the right one?” She replied, “Steph….you just have to pray. Pray and ask God to send you who he has made for you and only you. Pray for whatever your heart desires and mention it down to hair color, sense of humor….everything.” I had a small doubt….but willingly went home, and after my nightly duties…I climbed into bed and began my prayer. I asked for tall, dark hair, handsome…but not the snotty handsome…sense of humor (had to have the sense of humor….in order to keep me laughing) loved his mother but wasn’t a momma’s boy…and someone who believed in God. To me which seemed at the time it was very selfish of myself to ask for so many things. I knew it was for me, but I had to believe God had my special someone waiting. It took 2 years, and a death for you to be where we both were meant to be. And ever since that first date coming around that corner seeing you for the first time, (after you patiently waited for me for 3 hours, while I tried to find something decent to wear) I knew you were going to be my husband. We spent 4 wonderful hours hogging the table at the restaurant while the waitress was ill at us for only ordering a water for me, and beers for you. You have become my best friend….my strength. I am strong when you are weak, as you are strong when I am weak. You make me laugh like no one has ever made me bust a gut. You helped me with love, as I have with your heart. You are the best shopping partner….EVER!!! You are honest, hard working, gentle…yet tough. Kind, smart, and not to mention hot in your firefighter gear…(WOOHOO….) You are my love, my place I call home. You are the only one out of this entire world, and God’s creation…made for me. You are the prayer that evening in my bed. For that….you are my knight. I will love you with all of my heart. I will love with all of my soul. I will forever love us!!!

Love Your Wife


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