Letter To My Husband: “If music be the food of love, play on.” Shakespeare

Dear Brevan,

To my Viejo (old-man)
I love you for your intelligence
The way you soak up information like a sponge
I love you for your “old-man” moods.
He shows when coffee is low and you’re in need of food.
I love you for your charisma and charm
Never one to forget a face, name or past conversation
I love you for taking the time to get to know people
Your mom insists you can befriend a rock.
I love you for your talent
How you can make music with your hands
I love you for singing to me and only me
Nobody sings Old Macdonald like you do.
I love you for the boy you were, the man you are,
And the man I see you becoming.
I love you for the twinkle in your eye
When you are up to something mischievous
I love you for your “know it all attitude,”
and your willingness to admit when you are wrong.
I love you for accepting me for me
Flaws and all.
I love you for your uncanny ability
To tell when something is wrong
I love you for always trying to fix everything
and your attempts to make it right.
I love you for still being my friend
We could still talk for hours about nothing
I love you for accepting me the way I am
and supporting me through my growth.
I love you, Mi Viejo…..
Just Because you are you.

Love Your Wife,


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