Letter To My Husband: Stay True

Dear Jordan,

When I was 16, I had no idea that a love like this existed — a love so tender, honest, passionate. When you stepped into my life, my heart didn’t know what to do with a man as devoted as you. You overwhelmed me, in the best of ways, with deep, vulnerable companionship, and then I realized you were the best friend I’d been praying for. I know in those six years leading to our wedding day, I sometimes forgot what a wonder you are. I think sometimes we let time get away from us, then others get the best of us, and we forget to quiet ourselves and take in the beauty that is our partner, our best friend.

So I am writing this letter so that you and everyone can see my profession, captured in time here on this page, being read and spoken even on days that my love is weary: I am constantly, undeniably in love with you. I won’t always live up to that reality. There will still be days that I forget to appreciate you with my words and actions. But the truth is written on my heart and embedded in my soul that my life is intertwined with yours. There is simply no one else that fits so perfectly with me like you do. You’re the most handsome, witty, and awesome answer to prayer that God has even given me. I will treasure you and stay true to you always.

All my love,


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