I Can Sit Here Forever


How often do you picture sitting by your spouse, peacefully growing old together? 

Some relationships can’t see past the fight that broke out two days before. Carrying the weight of pride, stubbornness, anger, resentment and jealousy hinders the awesome power that marriage holds. Sin severs intimacy.

A husband and wife have a beautiful opportunity to grow closer with time. This is unique and no other relationship is like it. However, a husband and wife will not grow closer together by happenstance. Sure a husband and wife can stay true to their vows and faithful in marriage and sure they may sit closer to one another in their older age, but I am not referring to a close proximity.

What I mean is growing closer together through understanding one another, knowing one another intimately, serving one another with joy, teaching one another and spurring one another on to have a close relationship with God.

To grow closer in this intimate way requires a few things…

Being present with one another. 

Sharing your feelings with one another.

Respecting one another.

Communicating through conflict with one another. 

Pursuing reconciliation through humility with one another. 

Taking the time to listen to one another.

Praying for one another.

If you and your spouse are struggling and your attitudes aren’t letting up… drop to your knees and PRAY! Pray right now. Ask God to help you grow closer together.

Take a moment to consider what your marriage will be like in 50 years as you sit next to your husband.

Will you be close, truly close to one another?

Having a vision for your marriage can help you identify what needs to happen now so that your vision or dream of what your marriage will be like in the future can become your reality. Never lose sight of your future. Hope for it and remain faithful until the end!

Do what you can today with every opportunity you are given in marriage to see to it that you and your husband embrace the beautiful and powerful gift of marriage. i can sit here forever

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