You And Me Forever By Francis Chan & Lisa Chan | Book Review

I started reading You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity by Francis Chan and Lisa Chan in January 2016. I think the enemy wanted to keep me far from this book because of how inspiring it is. Although the book itself is not a big or burdensome book to read (only 191 pages), it took me a whole year to read it. I kept getting distracted.

At the beginning of this year I saw it on my husband’s desk and felt the urge to finish it. I have been determined this last week and I finally finished reading it. I highly recommend this book and urge anyone who attempts to read it to beware that the enemy is not going to like you reading it. He will try and distract you, so stay determined. The content is great and it will encourage you to evaluate your life, your marriage, but most importantly your relationship with God. It will challenge you to consider what your marriage can do for God’s Kingdom. All good things. 

Here are a few standout quotes from You and Me Forever:

Many people will tell you to focus on your marriage, to focus on each other; but we discovered that focusing on God’s mission made our marriage amazing.” (P.11)

In a truly healthy relationship, we enable each other to accomplish more than we could have done alone.” (P.12)

Without a healthy fear of God, we will not fully enjoy life and love. Without it, our priorities will be completely off. Yet, if a healthy fear of God is at the foundation of who we are, a beautiful life and marriage can be built upon this.” (P. 22)

Being in war together is what keeps us from being at war with each other.” (P.97)

Unity is the natural result of two people following one Spirit in a life devoted to the mission.” (P.113)

It scared me to surrender to God, but it scared me more to think of what I would miss if I didn’t.” (P.123)

We spend far too much time looking at temporary things. That is exactly what Satan wants you to do: ignore reality. Ignore eternity.” (P. 134)

My prayer is that God’s promises about the future would shape our marriages in the present.” (P.147)

This is a great marriage resource that will inspire you to make sure you are fulfilling your role in marriage, and that together with your spouse you are fulfilling God’s desire for your marriage. The biggest point the Chan’s make is that God needs to be your number one priority.

How is your relationship with God? Because eternity matters.

At the end of every chapter there are a handful of questions that I suggest you answer with your spouse. It would be a great opportunity to engage with them in a deep way.

Fun little side note: As I was reading this book and I got to pages 100-101, my husband pointed out that the experience Francis mentions happened when he came to speak at our church. It was the only time we saw Francis Chan speak and we thought it was powerful the way he prayed and experienced God redirect his heart on what to speak about. He was obedient and it was one of the most amazing sermons I have heard in my life.

If you are not currently investing in your marriage by reading books on marriage, please grab a copy of this and start. Or if you are in the middle of another book, save this one and read it next. You could even invite your spouse to read along with you or take turns reading it to each other and discussing it.

You and Me Forever also has a workbook available. I have not gone through it, but if you are interested in this click HERE.

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