Facebook Is Sucking All My Brains

Stop. “wow, I didn’t know they were together…”
This is my life now. I scroll through photos, statuses, videos, rants, mindless thoughts, funny memes, political mumbo-jumbo and all the other things that people deem important for the world to know. I feel like I can’t breath. I use facebook on a daily basis for Husband Revolution and Unveiled Wife, but I wish I didn’t need to. When I’m on Facebook, I can almost feel the life being stolen from me, drowning in a sea of people’s thoughts. I wonder how many hours I have thrown away scrolling down my news feed? I wonder how many moments with my wife I have traded for digital moments with strangers in the cloud. That’s what the internet is anyway right? A cloud. Something that gives the appearance of substance but cannot actually be touched our held.
I don’t know what I am going to do about this, but I think I will start with less time on my Facebook news feed and more time with my wife and son and real people. I think Ill also try and finish that book I have been “reading” for months.
How about you?
How does Facebook and other social media make you feel?

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