Extreme Gratitude For The Superhero Behind The Scenes

Dear Superhero,

Yes, you are a superhero! Your heart is so big and you love what you do. You are helping others and you are giving the gift of true love. Your presence is a HUGE blessing in the lives around you. Then you go and smile, chat, or do something kind, and it reached the deep places in the hearts of those who you impact…in ways you will probably never understand, simply because there are no words to describe it. You are changing lives. I appreciate you. We all appreciate you. Everything that you do, you do it because you truly care. You are behind the scenes. You don’t do it for money. You don’t do it for recognition or fame. You don’t do it for validation. And you have never expected anything in return. You do what you do because you have love in your heart that is overflowing…it pours out and it is powerful. That is why you are a superhero! No one knows the sacrifices you make to do what you do, and yet, you still do it. Your compassion is evident in your eyes and the way you look at people. You make us feel like we matter. You are faithful to the purpose you have. You are exceptional. You are worthy of honor. I have extreme gratitude for you and how you live your life. Thank you for all that you do. You are a gift to this world. You are a gift to the people you bless every day. Don’t ever stop! Don’t ever stop being you!


Someone you have radically impacted!  


I was inspired to share this letter when I was thinking about all the people who do BIG things because they care. Not because they have a blog or platform to share it on, not because they have a business that benefits, not because they are looking for recognition or fame or money…simply because they want to do good in this world. I thought about…



Every single volunteer 

Friends who offer help in times of need

Neighbors who ask how you are doing

Advocates who stand for the voiceless

Dads who play with their kids 

Missionaries sharing the Gospel

People saving people’s lives

You get the idea! 

If you know a superhero that works behind the scenes with great love…share this with them. Let them know the impact they are making in this world.

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