Be Your Spouses Complement


I love this photograph!  If you couldn’t tell, the blurry image in the background is of a couple… and they are sitting at a table talking to each other.  The detail in the foreground forces the couple into a silly shape, which reminds me of like a “yin-yang.”  Anyways, I wanted to use this as a small encouragement or inspiration.

Women love compliments:)  We like to give others compliments and of course receive them.  Yet, BEING a complement to your spouse is so important!

Complement is defined as something that fills up, completes, or makes perfect; one of two mutually completing parts; counterpart

To be your spouse’s complement requires a daily effort to achieve oneness.  Keeping your marriage Christ-centered, through praying, reading scripture and worshiping are vital.  Striving to work as a team with your husband is also key.  Through the out pouring of unconditional love and respect you and your husband will be each others complements!

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