Are You Looking For An Upgrade? House, Car, Cellphone… Wife?

Guest Article
Is it me, or are we flooded every day with the idea that, if you don’t like what you have, replace it with something that suits you better?
It’s all about upgrading these days. Is your current cell company not meeting your expectations? Get a new provider. Did your car break down? Go to the dealer and trade it in. Your wife isn’t the person you thought she was? Divorce her and find another wife!
The point is not that getting a new cell phone or car is bad, but that this mentality has conditioned us to believe that everything should be that way. I’ve heard a few people lately describe their feelings for their wife as non-existent. Like they somehow fell out of love and their wife is not who they want anymore. I felt prompted to encourage men out there that there is another choice.

The choice is to hold true to your covenant with God and your wife regardless of your current feelings.

At some point in time you stood before God and witnesses to promise “for better or for worse”, and “until death do us part”. There is also a good chance that 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 was read aloud. You know the scripture I’m speaking of! It starts with “Love is”, and continues to describe love. I can say from experience that love is not always going to produce butterflies in the stomach or goose bumps all over as all of the movies these days suggest. A part of the scripture I mentioned above even says “it is not self-seeking”. We can’t continue to pursue love in a way that makes it fit our expectations.

It’s a completely selfless act of doing everything you can to lift your wife up…

to position yourself below her in a way to help her reach greater heights. Invest in your wife, and watch her blossom into someone greater than you ever expected or desired. It will definitely be better than trading her in for someone else. It’s like that analogy you’ve most likely heard before; “The grass is always greener on the other side”. The more accurate statement would be “The grass is greenest on the side that is watered.”
Deep stuff huh?
So, how are you watering your wife?

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