Dear Pornography: An Open Letter To My Old Friend

Dear Pornography,
We have known each other since I was a child and I feel as though I can tell you things that I could never tell anyone else. You know all my secrets and all my fantasies and you have been by my side in the good times and the bad. You spent time with me when I was lonely or bored and you comforted me when I was angry and hurt. It feels like you have always been there for me. But I need to get a few things off my chest.
You promised me that after I got married I wouldn’t need you any more. You made me believe that what we had was just a fling. I realize now that you never loved me. I am finally seeing your end game. You have stolen a piece of me like a master thief. You wanted everything from me, not just my eyes but also my mind, heart, soul and strength. You have promised a world to me that doesn’t exist. You have threatened my marriage and my son. You have hurt my friends and family. You have destroyed the lives of girls, boys, men and women all over the world and used me to help, all the while assuring me that no one would get hurt. Our relationship has been nothing but lies. You are not, nor never have you ever been my friend. You are the reason I have lived with so much shame and embarrassment. You are the reason my wife has been so hurt. You have warped my perception of women and the world.
I needed to write you this letter to let you know that its over. I would tell you in person but that would give you too much satisfaction.
I have found a true friend, his name is Jesus.
With as much hatred as possible,
your OLD friend Aaron

Please watch this spoken word about one pastors struggle with porn

Here are the lyrics from the video.

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