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Prayer is vital to marriage. Submitting to God through prayer is something all believers should do, because it changes the heart and outlook on life for the better. Prayer is an anchor of hope for you and your spouse. See God’s extraordinary purpose for your marriage, come alive when you dedicate yourself to prayer every day for the next 31 days. 

In these books, we guide you with prayer examples written to help uplift your spouse. Dive deep into prayer with topics such as:

31 Prayer Prompts

Discover new ways to pray and uplift your spouse. See God move in their heart. 


Featuring challenges to expand your index of prayer. Experience prayer in an entirely new way. 

Prayers for Her

Pray for freedom of fear. Rejuvenate her health. Give her life with new words. Ask God to cultivate a new romance. 

Prayers for Him

Pray he’ll become the leader of the home. Ask God to refine his loving nature so he’ll be more gentle towards you. 

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We are Aaron & Jennifer Smith, authors of the best selling books, “Thirty-One Prayers For My Husband” & “Thirty-One Prayers For My Wife.” My wife & I know how important prayer is in our lives and we believe it is a major reason why we are still together and thriving today.

Early in our marriage, we struggled with intimacy, communication, sin, and many other issues, that eventually almost brought us to the brink of divorce. We were Christians who loved God and wanted so badly to make our marriage work, but because so many things seemed to be wrong, it was hard for us to see what God saw. Even though we felt so far from God we kept praying. Sometimes it was just me, sometimes it was just Jennifer, but we kept praying. Through prayer, we kept our eyes and our hearts on God instead of only ourselves and our struggles… and because we kept praying, we were in the right place to hear God’s heart for us. God changed us and showed us who He desired us to be. Our struggles didn’t change or go away in that moment, but our hearts and minds completely transformed. That is why we now encourage every couple to pray like never before.  

We want to challenge you to spend the next 31-days praying for your spouse. You’re not going to be doing this alone! Not only are there thousands of couples taking the challenge with you, but we will also be sending you a daily email with prompts and ideas for you to pray for your spouse. We want this to be a fun and exciting month of learning and growing in your marriage prayer life. Prayer is the battlefield where we get to fight for our marriage! Let’s go to battle equipped and willing to fight for our spouse and intercede for them every day, together.