Calling Out A Warning

I’ve been following Husband Revolution for a few weeks now and am very thankful for this tool. I love knowing that on my train ride to work each day there is a challenge and or encouragement awaiting me through this site. Being the father of two teenage boys, I know how important my example is. God has given me the opportunity to raise two mighty men for Him. They look to me for the example of what a man is. Do I rise to the challenges before me, or do I make excuses? Do I own my shortcomings and failures? Do I ask for forgiveness when I have wronged them, or do I send them the message that men don’t apologize?
They watch how I treat their Mother, my beautiful wife. My example will be their hand book for how to treat their wives someday. Do they see how much I love her? Am I tender and patient with her? Do they know that I would die for her without a second’s hesitation? Do I truly take joy in providing for her and their needs first, or do my needs take priority?
These are the questions that God has challenged me with for years now. Sometimes the answer has been yes, and unfortunately sometimes the answer has been no, (that’s where the owning my shortcomings and asking for forgiveness comes in).
I’ve also noticed that there are a lot of women sharing and commenting on this site. This may sound a little harsh, but I believe that this site is designed for men to encourage and challenge other men to be Godly examples in their marriages and homes. It is very dangerous for women to be on this site complaining about the shortcomings of their husbands and wishing they would be more like the men who are plugged in and participating in this challenge. Ladies, I understand your pain and while my heart aches for you in these difficult times, your comments are puffing up men that you shouldn’t be and tearing down the men that need you to build them up with unconditional love. Do your husbands even know that you are on this site? If not, this is a form of adultery. If your husband saw these comments, would he feel encouraged & challenged to be more or would he feel torn down and humiliated? When I am struggling in my relationship with my wife, the last person I should be speaking to about my pain and frustration is another woman. It is in these moments that we are most vulnerable and can have our judgment very easily clouded. We must guard our hearts!
We must ask God to give us the courage and words to have the tough conversations with our spouse when needed and the wisdom and humility to silently serve them when appropriate. We must look to God as the source of unconditional love and to use us to reflect it in our own marriages and families. Unconditional love means that often times you will get nothing in return. That’s why it’s so important to look to God to fill and complete us and not to our spouse. Pray for your spouse and in times of struggle find counsel in the Word and a trusted like-minded friend of the same sex.
In closing ladies, there are a lot of wolves out there; even on this site. They are looking for women who are hurting that they can exploit for their own selfish needs and desires. Guard your hearts!!!

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